Today, we live in a world that is more stressful than ever before. If you are having trouble staying focused, maintaining your personal relationships and keeping up at work, then Sage sticks can deliver several benefits for you.

How Sage sticks can help you

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Manage & relieve your stress


Improve your motivation

Restore Mental Health and Wellness

Restore mental health & wellness

clearing of negative thoughts

Provide you with an energy boost that can help you cleanse your mind, body, and soul, resulting in a clearing of negative thoughts

In order to deal with this stressful world, it is important to get rid of the negative energy around you. Burning Sage, also known as Sage smudging, can help you with this by delivering several benefits for your health and wellness. 

Similar to other routines, rituals, and herbs, it is important to understand how to use Sage smudging appropriately.

Here’s everything you need to know about the benefits of Sage and clearing negative energy from your home or living space by burning Sage and smudge sticks.

It All Starts with the Plant

Smudge sticks are made with Sage. Sage is an aromatic plant that is also known as Salvia officinalis. Sage has long been used for medicinal, health and culinary purposes. Frequently used as an herb, it is also used by some as an ordinary home garden plant.

Various forms of Sage can be used for smudging, though white Sage is commonly used because of its dense aroma. When burning Sage in your home or any other space, it creates more than a scent — it adds a heavy presence to the space, ideal for clearing negative energy and thoughts and delivering countless other benefits.

It should be noted that burning Sage is not the only herb used for smudging. Rosemary, lemongrass, blue spruce and other herbs are sometimes mixed with Sage sticks to make an even more complex aroma.

But let’s back up a minute to discuss the origins of this time-honored ritual of using smudge sticks or burning Sage for health and wellness benefits.

What Is Sage Burning or Smudging?

Prior to the arrival of European settlers, Native Americans already knew the benefits of burning Sage and used it routinely.

For thousands of years, Native American cultures and tribes understood that a person’s energy was not confined to their body. It could waft throughout a space or a home, much like a scent or like smoke. Burning Sage was a common tradition of using the smoke to keep bad vibes out, and good ones in, resulting in a wide range of mental health benefits and overall wellness.

Think about it. When you come in contact with someone else, it can sometimes feel like their energy is rubbing off on you. For example, if they are emitting a positive energy, this can provide you with an energy boost that might linger for a while. At the same time, if they have a negative energy, this can also linger in the room for a while. It feels like you’ve been sapped of your motivation and focus and good mood. 

Burning Sage can help rectify those energy imbalances and bring restorative effects to your mind and body — and bring healthy, positive energy to your living space.

How Can It Affect Your Energy and Wellness in Your Living Space?

Today, there is no shortage of people in our lives who emit negative energy. This is often because many people have stressful situations to deal with every day and can’t keep up with the demands on their time. Therefore, it is important for everyone to take a well-rounded approach to their overall health and wellness. This is where burning Sage in your living space can be helpful. 

In order to get rid of negative vibes from other people, Native American shamans would burn Sage over a fire to produce an aromatic smoke. The resulting smoke was believed to promote several health and wellness benefits:


This ritual is what led to the practice of burning Sage and smudging as we know it today — and in many ways it can deliver the same benefits when used properly. 

Known to ‘Heal’ for Centuries

When people hear about Sage, they often think about the herb that is used in cooking. Yes, it is true that Sage can help with numerous recipes, in addition to being used for smudging.

As mentioned above, Sage itself belongs to a plant called Salvia. This name comes from the Latin word salvere, which means “to heal.” Thus, ancient civilizations all over the world no doubt understood that the aromatic smoke from Sage and smudging had a number of powerful healing properties and benefits. In Chinese cultures, for example, people also use Sage sticks to achieve feng shui. Achieving feng shui means bringing harmony to the energies in your environment — which is essentially no different from the reasons why people enjoy the benefits of smudging all over the world. 

Why So Many Use it Today

Today, many people like Sage and smudging because it has the ability to purify spaces, improve energy, cleanse the mind and clear the thought processes. 

When Sage is burned, the lingering aroma produces a quick energy shift. Even if you wait for the smoke to clear before entering a room, the aroma is still very powerful. This smudging practice translates into a calmer, clear and lighter feeling in the room. This is negative energy departing the area as it gets replaced with positive energy, like storm clouds clearing for sunshine.

Proven by Science to Help Your Energy

For those who believe that Sage has only been studied using anecdotal evidence from ancient cultures, this is simply not the case. 

There are numerous scientific studies that have shown that Sage and smudging can be helpful in a number of ways, much like the countless other herbs that have been used for medicinal benefits. 

Known benefits:

known benefits

Research performed by modern-day experts says that Sage has a number of antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. 

known benefits

Further research says Sage can even serve as a powerful insect repellent, helping people clear a potential infestation from their homes. 

known benefits

Sage is rich in compounds that medical research says activate certain receptors in the brain that are responsible for improving mood, relieving stress and even alleviating pain.

known benefits

study found that Sage has the ability to absorb more than 90 percent of bacteria that float through the air. 

known benefits

Finally, Sage has also been shown to help people with insomnia. 

A Powerful Ability to Help Your Overall Wellness

The consensus among experts and decades of medical research and scientific news says that sage has the ability to keep people healthy. At the same time, Sage and smudge sticks and the overall practice of smudging can also play a powerful role in someone’s overall wellness.

The most common reason why our average customer says they love the aromatic smoke from Sage is that it can alleviate feelings of tension and heaviness in the air. Those who feel misaligned, unmotivated, irritable, sluggish and stressed need to find ways to improve their energy. This is where smudging can help and can provide a more natural alternative to taking other forms of medical supplements.

To experience the greatest benefits, when you burn a Sage stick (or typically several), the practice needs to be performed properly. Here are some easy, pain-free tips on how to do smudging.

How Often Should People Perform Smudging with Sage?

There is no right answer. The frequency of your smudging all depends on your unique situation, needs and goals and living space.

The most important thing that people need to remember when they decide to do Sage smudging is having proper intentions and expectations in mind. Those who simply burn Sage without reason may find that overburning / smudging (with no goal or purpose) could actually begin to irritate nasal passages and have a negative effect, instead of a positive one. Therefore, it is critical to have a clear intention when the smudging process begins – kind of like visualizing what you want to get out of it.

For example, many people burn Sage as they think about putting more positive, loving energy into the room. This can help everyone define their intention as the smudging practice begins.

How it Can Help by Incorporating It Naturally Into Your Lifestyle

Once people find their reasons “why,” many choose to burn Sage sticks weekly or several times a week to bring a greater sense of energy and calmness to the area.

Many people prefer burning Sage in their office or home to remove negative energy and cleanse the area. In some medical settings, such as acupuncture, a doctor sometimes even asks permission from their clients to release some Sage before their treatment process begins. They often find that the smudging clears the patient’s mind and cleanses their thought processes as they undergo treatment, thus minimizing their sensitivity to pain. If patients have respiratory issues that would cause concern for inhaling too much smoke, the doctor can allow the smoke to clear before treatment, still leaving the powerful aroma.

So Many Different Uses to Help You at Home & Beyond

Sage is one of the most popular holistic treatment options when it comes to maintaining health and wellness. 

Everyone has their own unique needs and can tailor Sage smudging to meet them. At the same time, it is also important for everyone to understand how to perform Sage smudging appropriately. Here is a basic guide to help you start your journey into burning sage.

Need Help? Here’s How To Do Sage Smudging

Before getting involved in Sage smudging or lighting even a single smudge stick in your living space, it is important to keep a few simple safety steps in mind. 

First Steps:

candle person jewelry

Before the practice of Sage smudging begins, turn off all fans in the room. If the fans are on when a smudge stick is lit, this could cause too much smoke or it could cause embers to waft from the Sage throughout the room. They could make contact with items in your home that are flammable, leading to a fire hazard.


In addition, try to close all the doors and windows. This will also minimize the draft in the room, so that embers from a smudge stick do not become airborne. This will also require less burning and smoke to achieve desired effects. (You can also use a feather to waft the smoke around the room, instead of filling the entire room with smoke — see our tips below.)


It could also be a good idea to remove all flammable items from the room. In some cases, this might not be possible; however, it is important for everyone to use common sense when they are burning Sage.


If a fire does spark while burning Sage, it is important to know where the nearest fire extinguisher is located. This is one of the most important steps for keeping everyone safe.

Help people with insomnia

If burning sage produces too much smoke, then allow the smoke to dissipate or clear entirely before entering the room.

What You’ll Need

Once all of the appropriate safety precautions have been taken, the process of burning Sage can proceed. First, gather all of the materials. For burning Sage properly, you are going to need:

bundle of sage

A bundle of Sage (usually available in a pre-packaged smudge stick pack)


A bowl that is safe for fire such as a ceramic, glass or clay vessel

source of fire

A source of fire such as a long match or a candle

Energy Boost

An optional feather that can be used to waft smoke throughout the room

Getting Started – at Home or in Any Space

Once you have all of these materials, follow the steps in this guide to start experiencing the benefits of burning sage.

  • First, light the smudge stick bundle at the very front tips of the leaves. Once the leaves are ignited, blow out the flames as quickly as possible. The leaves should still be smoldering and producing light smoke. This will allow the burn to proceed and produce the smoke without an open flame. All you need is for the Sage leaves to be smoldering. If you find that there is still a flame, you may need to blow them out again.
  • Try to use smooth movements to walk the smoke from the leaves around the space or throughout your home. This is where the feather can help. Use a simple motion, wafting back and forth to push the smoke throughout the space. You do not need to wave or fan very hard. If you fan too hard, then you may inject the smoldering leaves with oxygen, causing the fire to start again. Use a gentle motion and walk around the room, allowing the scent from the Sage to be dispersed appropriately.
  • Once you are done with the leaves, place the smudge stick bundle on the edge of the fire-safe bowl or vessel. This is also important because there are going to be some ashes falling from the Sage bundle. It is important to try to avoid dropping these ashes on the floor or anything else that might be flammable.
  • Even after the fire has been put out, it is also important that you do not leave the bundle unattended. Even though there might not be an open flame, do not leave the bundle unattended. If you want to leave the leaves smoldering, then you need to make sure they are attended to appropriately. Once you are completely done with the Sage, run water on the bundle to completely put out the heat. Then, place the Sage in an area to dry.
  • Once you are done, take the bowl and store it in a place that does not have any wind. One of the most common mistakes that people make is that they leave the bowl of ashes out in the open. As soon as a draft comes to the room, it can pick up the ashes and deposit them all over the place. Also, in addition to making a mess, this could also lead to a fire if the ashes are still warm. Therefore, place the bowl somewhere where a draft is not going to be an issue.

This guide illustrates a few of the most basic steps that everyone can take to get the most health and wellness benefits out of their Sage burning experience. Burning sage may take some practice to get this down in a smooth manner; however, this practice can also provide a wide array of benefits for your health and wellness. 

It can help clear your mind, alleviate stress, push bad energy out of your home and even play an important role in a variety of health care treatments and benefits. Consider using a Sage smudging practice to help you, your friends or your loved ones benefit from enhanced health and wellness in their everyday lives and also to help them get through challenging times.

Where Can I Find Sage for Smudging?

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