Sage Near Me: How To Properly Burn Sage

Sage benefits are known to be great for “cleansing” and “healing” both physically and on a spiritual level. Sage incense lovers nowadays are finding and creating new innovative ways to share and connect with people who have the same interests. This is especially true in online spiritual shops – it’s made easier and more convenient for people to make purchases online. One can just type “sage near me” on any search engine, and voila! A hundred different options where you can buy your favorite sage incense

Let’s take a look at these step by step instructions on how to properly burn sage incense. 

sage burning

A Guide To Proper Sage Cleansing 

Sage smudging, burning, goes back thousands of years practiced in many cultures around the world. Plants are used as medicine for physical ailments and spiritual healing purposes. It’s also one of the oldest methods of purifying and getting rid of unwanted spirits from people, places, and objects. This pure and sacred cleansing method has been passed on from generation to generation, and from one culture to another. 

Pick The Right Sage To Burn

The most common type of Sage is the White Sage. It has a certain association with purity and is popularly used for major space cleansing. 

Different plants are used for different purposes, depending on their association. Each plant also releases unique aromas that many sage-burning enthusiasts love. Such as lavender as a little more zen and calm in the house.

They say that choosing the right sage to burn is like choosing the right food to eat.  Pick the one that inspires you!

The Science Behind the Smoke

According to Science, sage burning helps cleanse and disinfect the air from any kind of airborne bacteria. The negative ions released by burning the sage are said to help make people have a positive mood. Other qualities that are believed to be associated with the sage burning practice are healing, clarity, wisdom, and heightened spiritual awareness.  

Set the intention

Clear your mind, turn your cell phone off and rid any other distraction in the home. This is a quite mindful practice. Spend a few minutes setting your intention on clearing your space and getting rid of negativity. Saying a mantra or prayer can also make the sage burning more powerful. We recommend Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum.

Burning the Sage

The traditional way of sage burning starts with using an abalone shell as a bowl, plate or container for the sage, and a feather as a fan to get the smoke spreading across space. If you are still a beginner in sage burning, you can always look up “sage near me” on any search engine and find a suitable sage kit – online or in your local metaphysical store. 

Light it Up With Caution

Now that you have everything prepped for burning, you are ready to light it up with care. Hold the sage at a 45-degree angle while holding it as far from the end you are burning as possible. Let it burn for at least 20 seconds, then blow out the flame afterward. You will see a few orange ashes, and by then, you can begin to let the smoke spread across to clear the space. For extra caution, use your  bowl or plate under to catch any sparks that might drop. 

Start at the highest floor and work yourself down and end walking all the negative energy out the front door. After about 20 minutes, open the windows and doors to give the unwanted energies a way to get out. The smoke it produces creates a chemical reaction inside the room, and the mixture has to go out, otherwise, the negative energies can linger inside.

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