How to Cleanse Crystals

Are you using crystals to channel positive energy into your mind and body? If so, you’ll want to cleanse them from time to time. Cleansing a crystal releases accumulated negative energy, thus increasing a crystal’s healing properties. As an added benefit, a good cleanse will give your crystals an extra shine, enhancing their natural beauty.

Thankfully, it’s not hard to cleanse crystals. You can do it in a few minutes, and the odds are you already have all the materials for the job right at home. Read on to discover some of the most common, tried and proven ways to cleanse crystals.

How to Cleanse Crystals: 7 Simple Options



The smoke of burning sage or Palo Santo wood is commonly used to cleanse various types of crystals. In fact, both types of smoke can be used in conjunction with each other for maximum effect.

To cleanse your crystals with burning sage, set the sage on fire and hold the crystal in the smoke for at least half a minute. Follow the same steps to cleanse the crystal with Palo Santo smoke. If you intend to use both materials, cleanse your crystal with burning sage smoke before using Palo Santo smoke.


It’s best to wait until a full moon to set your crystals out for cleansing, but you can do it any night you want. Place the crystal on a surface where it will remain undisturbed until morning. Soil is ideal but not a must. In the morning, bring your crystal inside, give it a quick rinse and dry it off. This is great for bringing in heightened spiritual energy. 

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Sunlight can be used to cleanse crystals to add extra positive energy. The cleansing method is the same; however, most crystals should not be left under the sun’s harsh UV rays for too long. Furthermore, sunlight cleaning isn’t recommended for vibrant stones as they can fade in color.


Given the fact that crystals come from the earth, it makes sense that the earth can cleanse them and restore their positive properties. To use this cleaning method, bury your crystals under the soil and allow them to sit for 24 hours before retrieving them. You don’t have to bury them deep; the crystals simply have to be fully covered with dirt for this cleansing method to be effective. If you don’t have a backyard, you can use the soil in a potted plant.


It’s not hard to cleanse crystals with water; however, only a few crystals are sensitive to water. Some crystals will incur water damage when left underwater. The damage won’t impact a crystal’s healing properties, but it will cause visible discoloration and cracks.

Almost any type of quartz (except tangerine quartz), amethyst, citrine, Tiger’s eye, agate, aventurine and red jasper can be cleansed by placing them in running water from a stream or from your tap. The stones should be submerged in the water for a full minute; afterward, they should be patted dry.

Some people use saltwater in place of regular water to cleanse crystals. If you choose this method, you can either get a bowl of saltwater from the ocean or add a tablespoon of any type of salt into a bowl of water. The crystals should be placed in the bowl for no longer than a few days. Once again, this cleansing method is only safe for the crystals listed above. Saltwater will cause more and faster damage to delicate crystals than freshwater.



Rice, preferably brown, draws out negativity in just about any type of crystal, but it’s especially effective in cleansing protective stones. To use it, simply fill a bowl with uncooked brown rice and bury your crystals in the bowl. The stones should be taken out of the bowl after a full day. Throw out the brown rice after using it, as it absorbs the negative vibes from the crystals.

Other Stones

Both larger and smaller stones can be used to clean your crystals. If you have a large clear quartz, selenite stone or amethyst crystal, place the crystals you want to cleanse on top of one of these stones and leave it overnight. Alternatively, you can fill a bowl with small cleansing crystals and place the crystal you want to cleanse on top of the cleansing stones. Some small crystals that are effective cleansers include clear quartz, selenite, carnelian and hematite.

How Often Should Crystals be Cleansed?

Experts recommend cleansing crystals about once a month. However, this isn’t a hard and fast rule. If you feel your crystals are no longer as powerful or effective as they once were, cleansing them can be a good way to restore their efficacy.

Always cleanse crystals after purchasing them from a store or online vendor. Others who have handled the crystals before you could have left negative energy on the crystal, reducing its efficacy.

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