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Healing Crystals

Healing energy stones can help you on your spiritual journey and act as a channel for healing. There are many different kinds of healing stones and healing crystals to choose from, and each has its own properties and energy to treat different ailments or problems. The goal of crystal healing is to remove any negative energy from the body and help prevent, treat, and even cure a variety of conditions or negative circumstances. Those who are new to healing stones and crystals may feel intimidated at first with all of the different metaphysical options available to them. Our associates at Crystalis Treasures can help you identify what ails you and provide information on which healing stones or healing crystal may be right for you at your current stage in your spiritual journey.




Tumbled Stones

Amblygonite Raw Stone





-Emotional Healing

Amethyst Cut Base



Ametrine Phantom



Anxiety Pouch


Healing Crystals

Apatite Massage Wand


Healing Crystals

Apatite Sphere


Tumbled Stones

Aquamarine Tumbled Stone