Best Healing Crystals to Boost Your Productivity

Aside from healing purposes, healing crystals can also be used to improve one’s mood and energy. Healing crystals are believed to help reconnect humans to nature which stimulates healing, stress relief, positive vibrations, etc. 

Speaking of stress relief, most people today are working from the comfort of their own homes. But albeit being at home, the work-related stresses are far from gone. According to a group of office employees, the work-related stressors are doubled because they feel like it follows them everywhere they go. Luckily for most of them, they discovered a great way to alleviate stress and improve productivity in the workplace – healing crystals. 

Check out below some of the best healing crystals for your working environment. 

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Boost Your Productivity with These Healing Crystals 


They call it the ‘stone of success’. Crystal experts say that Citrine helps you find your true purpose in the workplace and life. It also helps boost your creativity and imagination, which allows you to be more productive in whatever you do. Experts say that Citrine stone can attract joy and success. 

Black Tourmaline 

If you sit in front of a computer all day, you are likely to experience eye strain due to radiation. Black Tourmaline is ideal for people like you who spend almost the entire day looking at the screen. This healing crystal is said to effectively eliminate electromagnetic waves and transform negative energies into positive ones. This is perfect for getting rid of toxic vibrations in your workspace, promoting focus and mental clarity. 

Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine is essential if you are a business owner – big or small. Crystal experts say that Green Aventurine opens the door for prosperity, luck, and wealth. If you are frequently anxious because of work, it can also help keep you calm and relieve your stress. Are you looking for ways to maintain positivity and attract more success? This healing crystal is perfect to keep with you.  

Tiger’s Eye

Do you struggle with a short attention span? You can fix that with the help of this healing crystal. Tiger’s eye is believed to aid in keeping you focused and productive at the same time. It is also a great help when making major decisions – it allows you to be confident and smart. 


Aqua-green in appearance, the Amazonite stone is also good for cleansing all the electromagnet fields in your room or workspace. Amazonite can be a great companion if you are looking to have a more positive work environment. The color itself stimulates effective communication, balanced energies, and a good relationship with teammates or co-workers.  


Another must-have in the workplace is the Selenite stone. It is used by many to cleanse the bad energies that circulate your body or the room where you work. It is also excellent in eliminating work-related stress and anxiety. Keeping Selenite stone in your workspace will make you less likely to make rash decisions, instead, you’ll be able to make the right choices.  


Amethyst has a beautiful purple color which promotes more productivity and wise decision making. It helps you avoid getting wrapped up in your emotions, instead, you will be able to control them better. 

Specifically, Amethyst Cluster is a symbol of harmony between other people in the community (in this case, the workplace). You will be able to communicate better with your other co-workers. For a much better result try placing it as a centerpiece during meetings or conferences.  

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