Crystal Properties & Meanings

  • Agate

    Balances yin and yang. Stabilizes aura. Smooths dysfunctional energies. Eliminates negativity. Good for marital fidelity. Strengthens eyesight.
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  • Abalone

    Used to enhance smudging activities. Brings energy of continuity to the environment. Stimulates fertility of mind and body. Treats hearing and calcium disorders and dysfunctions in the nervous system.
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  • Alexandrite

    Rare Variety of Chrysoberyl
    Enhances the rebirth of both the Inner Self and the Outer Self, providing the ability to change ones world. Aids in manifestation. Helps with centering, self-esteem, experiencing joy, and the appreciation of the interconnectedness of Nature.
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  • Amber

    “A Ray of Sunshine”
    Calms nerves and transmutes negative energy to facilitate self-healing. Alleviates stress and depression; treats the mucus membranes, joints, and throat. Brings good luck.
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  • Ametrine

    Amethyst and Citrine
    Stimulates intellect. Eradicates negativity from the aura and replaces it with light energy. Provides peace, tranquility, and cooperation.
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  • Ammolite

    Opalized Ammonite / Gem Grade Ammonite
    Provides insight to the Big Picture and how to start a project or path. Alleviates burdens of the birthing process; promotes relaxation.
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  • Andalusite

    Encourages one to look at issues rationally by seeing various sides of problems. Stimulates energy.
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  • Andean Opal

    “Stone of Happy Dreams”
    Protects one in spiritual journeying. Facilitates divination and eliminates water retention and muscular swelling.
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  • Angelite

    Allows one to be aware of peace and brotherhood and promotes understanding and compassion. Eases psychological pain. Helps one to speak the truth when it is difficult. Facilitates contact with angels.
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  • Apache Tear

    A variety of obsidian. Has been used to comfort in times of grief. Metaphorically sheds tears for one in times of sorrow, allowing for true understanding.
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  • Apatite

    “Stone of the Future”
    Helps eliminate energy blockages; strengthens thyroid; stimulates intuition and aids in weight loss. Enhances creativity and clears mind.
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  • Aragonite

    Reliable earth-healer and grounding stone. Deepens one’s connection with the earth; centers and grounds physical energies. Lessens pain; warms the extremities, heals bones, aids calcium absorption.
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  • Astrophyllite

    Facilitates astral travel. Helps one see their own “star” potential in themselves. Can help bring to life hidden forces to show that as one door closes, another opens. Helps one purge what should be let go in order to continue with positive progress.
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  • Azeztulite

    Use during meditation to facilitate a cleaner and easier entry and attaining the state of “no mind.” Highly positive stone which never needs cleansing.
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  • Azurite

    “Stone of Heaven”
    Eliminates indecision and awakens psychic self. Treats ailments of the throat and thyroid, arthritis and joint problems, aligns the spine, and works at a cellular level to restore any blockage or damage to the brain. Releases communication blocks.
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  • Amazonite

    “Stone of Hope”
    Soothes worry and fear. Maintains health and balances male/female energies; stabilizes personality. Enhances communication about love.
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  • Amethyst

    “Stone of Healing”
    Heals physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Protects against psychic attacks. Opens and activates Crown Chakra.
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  • Aquamarine

    “Stone of Courage and Grief”
    All purpose self-healer. Calms nerves, enhances communication, and soothes emotions in times of fear and grief. Invokes peace and tolerance. Useful for deep meditation.
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  • Aventurine

    Enhances creativity. Promotes leadership, and decisiveness. Balances, strengthens, and aligns
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  • Bloodstone

    “Stone of Courage”
    Excellent blood cleanser and powerful healer. Increases creativity and intuition. Grounds the Heart Chakra energy; stimulates dreaming; increases courage and decisiveness. Helps one to accept the beneficial aspects of turmoil prior to perfection.
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  • Black Kyanite

    Never needs cleansing as it doesn’t hold on to negative energy, but transmutes it into positive energy instead. It is both a grounding stone and an energizing stone. Gently aligns the chakras.
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  • Black Tourmaline

    Protects & gets rid of negative energy, absorbs pain from the body.
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  • Blue Chalcedony

    Alleviates hostilities, irritability and melancholy. Enhances generosity, responsiveness, and receptivity. Used to promote stability within a group.
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  • Blue Kyanite

    Facilitates Meditation!
    Aligns chakras immediately. Tranquil, calming effect. Helps getting into meditation. Never needs cleansing, will not accumulate negative energy.
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  • Blue Lace Agate

    Eliminates negativity, arthritic conditions, and helps mend breaks and fractures. Facilitates higher states of consciousness.
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  • Blue Opal

    Stimulates creativity and balances the metabolism. Activates the third eye chakra. Treats fatigue and hair loss. Assists in communication, concerning things that have been painful.
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  • Mookaite

    AKA Mook JasperLike all Jasper, Mookaite is a nurturing and healing stone. It also connects us to ancient knowledge. Canhelp one maintain a “young at heart” attitude and physical vibrance.
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  • Blue Sheen Moonstone

    Provides emotional balance, cures PMS, helps bring positive change, and strengthens intuition.
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  • Boulder Opal

    Assists with communication on all levels: verbal, ESP,spiritual, etc. Helps clear blocked chakras. Produces stability and is especially good for those who have a problem staying in one place.
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  • Brazilinite

    Release and let go of that which is not desired. Stimulates and unblocks the body’s meridians so that energy can flow freely.
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  • Bronzite

    “Stone of Courtesy”
    Increases intuition, decisiveness and certainty. Helps the body assimilate iron. Provides one with the courage to “do” during the action of “being.”
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  • Brookeite

    Helps one to withstand intolerable situations; attracts and retains energy. Can dispel lethargy and apathy. Helps one to “go with the flow.”
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  • Brown Axinite

    Guides a person “behind the scenes” to the actual mechanics of a situation. Treats disorders of the adrenal glands and muscular system.
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  • Carnelian

    Provides motivation, inspiration, and vitality. Awakens talent, boosts energy and analytical precision. Improves connection with spiritual realm. Protects against envy, fear & rage, dispels apathy, indolence, passivity.
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  • Citrine

    “The Merchant Stone”
    A stone of prosperity, helps gain and maintain wealth. Does not need to be cleansed.
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  • Calcite

    Powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy. Removes stagnant energy from the body. Accelerates spiritual development. Combats laziness by promoting energy on all levels.
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  • Cavansite

    Intuition and second sight, activates channeling abilities. Psychic healing and protection.
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  • Celestite

    “Bright Hope in Days of Despair”
    Enhances comprehension of complex ideas or physical realities. Good for astral travel and dream recall.
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  • Chalcanthite

    Eliminates the feeling of abandonment. Excellent for the throat chakra and smooth communication. Used to treat arthritis and cleanses the arteries.
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  • Chalcedony

    “Stone of Good Will”
    Balances energies of body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Encourages “brotherhood” and benevolence. Promotes generosity.
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  • Chalcopyrite

    Enhances perception and connection with universe; cleanses and activates the crown chakra. Helps remove energy blockages.
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  • Charoite

    “Stone for This Age”
    Transmutes negativity and Grounds to spiritual self. Opens the heart to allow one to see with love. Helps increase attention span and see that as one door closes, another opens.
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  • Chinese Jade

    Protective stone, and is particularly h2 in protecting children against illness. Calming and can assist in making decisions. Banishes evil spirits.
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  • Chocolate Jasper

    Helps restore integrity, intuition, and communication.Heals and provides support to the immune system,skin, kidneys, and reduces depression. Helps with stability and balance.
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  • Chrome Diopside

    Variety of Diopside
    Stimulates intellect and assists in analytical pursuits. Enhances academic learning and creates a bridge between the sciences and the arts. Helps promote dialogues between people who have had misunderstandings.
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  • Chrysoberyl

    “Stone of Immortality”
    Allows for forgiveness of family members or friends. Brings peace of mind and promotes understanding of interactive relationships.
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  • Chrysocolla

    Eases emotional heartache and guilt, lends strength to expression and honest communication; purifies the home. Provides a cooling and oxygenating effect in healing; good for treating burns, PMS, and menstrual cramps.
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  • Chrysoprase

    Heals a broken heart, prevents nightmares -especially in children. h2 detoxifier. Allows the”truth to set you free.”
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  • Citrine

    “The Merchant Stone”
    A stone of prosperity, helps gain and maintain wealth. Does not need to be cleansed.
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  • Coffee Stone Jasper

    Helps one find stability and balance. Boosts immunesystem and helps in removing toxins from the body.
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  • Cookeite

    Helps create the sense of “one purpose” or “one goal” in groups. Stimulates cooperation and tact. Has a calming effect, and promotes easy sales in businesses.
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  • Coral

    Facilitates diplomacy and peace. Increases intuition and imagination.
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  • Cuprite

    in Chrysocolla
    Stimulates the Root Chakra while grounding the physical body. Alleviates worries and attracts what is needed to satisfy physical needs.
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  • Dendritic Agate

    “Stone of Plentitude”It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life,from business to agricultural endeavors. Creates a peaceful environment and encourages the enjoyment of the moment. Provides a stabilizing and strengthening influence.
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  • Diopside

    Used to stimulate the intellect and can provide assistance in mathematical and analytical pursuits. Enhances academic learning. Heals those that will not let themselves cry. Calms pets, muscle spasms and psychological disorders.
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  • Dioptase

    “Living in the Moment”
    Stimulates memory of past lives. Excellent for migraines, stress, high blood pressure, surgery, or things that “hurt.” Said to increase the t-cell count in AIDS patients.
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  • Dumortierite

    Associated with the Throat Chakra and helps with communication. Helps with organization and self- discipline. Promotes a positive attitude, courage, and trust.
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  • Elestial Quartz

    Facilitates change and actualization. Contains the ultimate essential wisdom and can provide for transfer of this insight to the physical intellect. Removes preconceived ideas, judgments, vertigo, epilepsy, and drug-related burnout.
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  • Emerald

    “Stone of Successful Love”
    Attracts wealth and prosperity. Opens and activates the Heart Chakra. Promotes fidelity and domestic peace.
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  • Eudialyte

    “Stone of the Heart Land”
    Opens the Heart Chakra, allowing for unconditional spiritual love. Brings inspiration and confidence; dispels jealousy. Good for eye health.
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  • Fluorite

    “Stone of Discernment and Aptitude”
    Eliminates stress and negativity. Balances relationships. Brings order to chaos. Protects you from other people’s negativity; good for support at the workplace.
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  • Fire Agate

    Dispels fear. Helps eliminate undesirable thoughts. Provides for introspection and inspiration.
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  • Flint

    Brings good dreams and peaceful sleep. Helps the exchange of ideas. Relieves shyness; increases self- esteem.
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  • Fuchsite

    Eliminates any issues with servitude or martyrdom. Helps recovery from situations of trauma or emotional tension, helps carpal tunnel syndrome and flexibility of muscles.
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  • Garnet (Almandine)

    “Stone of Health”
    Extracts negative energy from the chakras. Stone of commitment. Enhances devotion, warmth and understanding.
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  • Generator Quartz

    Magnifies energy and stimulates all portions of physical intellect, emotional and spiritual bodies. Cleanses chakras, Good for group healing. Contains positive radiant white light.
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  • Gold Coral

    Facilitates intuition and imagination. Strengthens the circulatory system and bones. Stimulates tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood.
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  • Golden Cat’s Eye

    Great for positive energy. Provides grounding and Renews strength. Encourages positive thinking. Activates root and sacral chakras.
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  • Goldstone

    Great for positive energy. Provides grounding and Renews strength. Encourages positive thinking. Activates root and sacral chakras.
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  • Green Agate

    Balances yin and yang. Stabilizes aura. Smooths dysfunctional energies. Eliminates negativity. Good for marital fidelity. Strengthens eyesight.
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  • Green Amber

    “Stone of Manifestation”
    Brings wealth, prosperity, and empowerment for success. Clears the heart chakra and fills the hear with love and radiant joy.
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  • Green Amethyst

    AKA PrasioliteThis stone helps to open and heal the Heart Chakra. Promotes intuition and love. Transmutes negativeenergy into positive.
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  • Green Garnet

    Attracts prosperity to wearer. Gently heals a broken heart. Removes toxins and negativity, especially related to past hurts. Good for lawsuits, fertility, strength, courage, mysticism, health and relationships!
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  • Green Kunzite

    AKA Hiddenite
    The best stone for patience! Surmount obstacles to reach the summits of achievement. Good for working with children.
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  • Green Opal

    “Stone of Confidence and Healthful Awareness”
    Helps one understand healthful dietary habits. Promotes cleansing and rejuvenation. Assists in achieving a relaxed state that allows for more effective problem-solving. Instills knowledge that one is always in control of the outcome of one’s life.
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  • Green Tourmaline

    Opens the heart chakra and promotes compassion, tenderness, balance, patience, and a sense of belonging. Transmutes negative energy. Strengthens the nervous system; aids in detoxification and weight loss.
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  • Hematite

    “Stone for the Mind”
    Absorbs negativity. Sends out positive energy. Protects, grounds, and calms. Enhances willpower, concentration, and assertiveness. Restores, strengthens, and regulates the blood supply.
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  • Hiddenite

    Stone of joy. Brings love and gratitude into ones life. Heals anxiety and stress.
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  • Harlequin Quartz

    Hematite Inclusions
    Provides a beautiful “dancing” energy which stimulates energy flow on all levels. Activates the Root, Heart, and Crown Chakras, stimulating alignment of the physical and ethereal self. Promotes a loving consciousness.
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  • Hauyne

    The majority of Hauyne is found in Eifel, Germany, but has also been found in Italy and Australia. Hauyne is created as part of volcanic eruptions where specific mineral makeups exist. This makes Hauyne a very rare stone.
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  • Hemimorphite

    Used to enhance self-esteem and bring luck while decreasing self-centeredness.
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  • Herkimer Diamond

    “Stone of Attunement”Dream crystals. Good for self-actualization and attunement. Helps to alleviate tension.
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  • Hessonite Garnet

    “Cinnamon Stone”
    Eliminates feelings of inferiority. Provides the courage to continue in personal endeavors. Manifests desired circumstances and situations.
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  • Howlite

    Encourages emotional expression, yet calms communication. Used to eliminate pain, stress, and rage. Encourages subtlety and tact.
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  • Imperial Topaz

    AKA Golden Topaz
    Enhances relaxation, lightness of spirit, and feelings of peace. Can be used to attract friendship or business. Helps one recharge their own energy.
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  • Infinite

    Targets negativity in the body with loving energy. Provides strength through gentleness. Often succeeds where other stones do not. Clears a clouded chakra and opens the crown chakra. Cleanses the veins, pores and lungs; improves
    chronic fatigue syndrome.
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  • Iolite

    Brings harmony to relationships and assists in eliminating debt. Provides guidance in meditation and astral travel and ensures accuracy of psychic visions.
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  • Jade

    “The Dream Stone”
    Improves the remembering of dreams and dream solving. Good for self-assuredness, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency. Promotes harmony and resourcefulness. Keeps one healthy when carried.
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  • Jasper

    “Supreme Nurturer”
    Sustains and supports during times of stress. Provides courage and protection.
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  • Jet

    Protects during pursuit of business. Enhances stability of one’s finances. Calms emotions. diminishes depression, migraine headaches, and stomach pain.
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  • Kornerupine

    Promotes the understanding of the sacredness of life. Enhances teaching ability, eloquence, communication and clarity. Encourages one to stay in the moment.
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  • Kunzite

    Pink variety of Spodumene
    Activates Heart Chakra, helps with self-love, unconditional love, romantic love, and helps one to express these emotions. Used to remove obstacles.
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  • Kyanite

    Facilitates Meditation!
    Aligns chakras immediately. Tranquil, calming effect. Never needs cleansing, will not accumulate negative energy. Changes negative energy into positive energy.
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  • Labradorite

    “Stone of Transformation and Transition”
    Puts you on your path towards your purpose in life, clears and balances the aura. Deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage.
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  • Lapis Lazuli

    “Stone of Total Awareness”
    Stimulates knowledge, wisdom, total awareness and allows access to esoteric knowledge. Provides objectivity, clarity, and mental endurance. Enhances communication and organization.
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  • Lepidolite

    Lepidolite crystal is known for bringing joy into your life. It is a stone of transition, bringing light and hope to any situation. The lithium contained within Lepidolite helps overcome depression, by bringing balance and inner peace to your life. This stone is also helpful to put by your computer to absorb electromagnetic pollution. As an extra bonus it helps skin to stay youthful.
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  • Larimar

    “Stone for Earth Healing”
    Assists in recognizing self-imposed “chains” or limits. Provides freedom from materialism. Aids in self- improvement and self-healing. Treats the cartilage. Provides peace in truthfulness. Brings customers to the salesperson.
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  • Lavender Jasper

    Nurturing stone that supports during times of stress;brings tranquility. Aligns chakras and absorbs negative energy. Activates psychic abilities.
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  • Lemurian Seed Quartz

    Holds a message of equality and unconditional love. Found only in Brazil, it is said to have been left behind by the ancient Lemurians. Good for channeling, chakra clearing and balancing, and dream work.
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  • Lodolite

    Helpful in meditation practices by helping one get into the meditative state. Enhances ones sensitivity to energy and psychic abilities.
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  • Malachite

    “Stone of Transformation, Balance, and Intuition”
    Clarifies one’s path; clears and activates all chakras. Improves arthritis pain and joint health. Eases birth.
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  • Moonstone

    “The Traveler’s Stone”
    Provides emotional balance; alleviates PMS, brings positive change and increase intuition.
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  • Magnetic Hematite

    Grounds, protects, eases pain in the body, absorbs negativity.
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  • Marble

    Provides clarity, meditation, serenity and dream recall. Good for self control, nurturing, and strengthening common sense.
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  • Maw-Sit-Sit

    Helps one to find vibrant joy in life. Helps to remove negative emotions and energies, putting one in a more positive frame of mind. This is a very energizing and warm stone.
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  • Mexican Lace Agate

    Physical stimulator. Strengthens, vitalizes, and balances. Provides insight and awareness.
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  • Moldavite

    Variety of Tektite found in Czechoslovakia
    Facilitates h2, clear, and direct interdimensional interconnectedness between ones consciousness and the higher planes of light. Works with the Third-Eye, Crown, and Throat chakras.
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  • Morganite

    Variety of Beryl
    Assists in healthy relationships and helps one to trust the process during relationship transitions. Attracts love of all kinds.
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  • Mother of Pearl

    A soothing and protective stone. Calms emotions while stimulating imagination and intuition. Enables one to more easily express feelings of love. Also helps with clarity during decision making.
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  • Moss Agate

    Helps one to see beauty in all things. Reduces sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants. Attracts abundance and releases deep-seated stress. Helps counteract long-term illness and inflammation.
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  • Nebula Stone

    “Stone of Rebirth”
    Reveals the connection to heaven, earth, and all other beings.
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  • Nuummite

    Opens, activates, and integrates the Chakras. Grounds to both the earth and the ethereal body through the Chakras. Stimulates the intellect; purifies the circulatory system; protects from negative energy on all levels.
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  • Obsidian

    “The Asking Stone”
    Reveals blockages. Grounds. Relieves worry, fear and negativity. Produces sincerity in action and creativity in all endeavors.
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  • Onyx

    Good for centering and alignment. Enhances self-control. Synthesizes duality into the whole. Assists in understanding the reality of the moment.
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  • Ocean Jasper

    Supreme nurturer. Enhances awareness. Protects and balances energies; stabilizes aura.
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  • Okenite

    Provides a feeling of “going home” and “warm fuzzies.” Helps one actualize self-forgiveness and healing of ones karmic cycle. Promotes truthfulness while protecting one from the harshness of truths so they can be more easily accepted.
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  • Opal

    “Stone of Happy Dreams”
    Improves personal and business relationships; stimulates crown chakra; provides deep mental clarity; instills faith in love.
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  • Opalized Wood

    Assists one in progression towards one’s destiny. Helps one advance in one’s quest for serenity. Provides strength.
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  • Optical Calcite

    Optical Calcite is a powerful energy amplifier and cleanser. Works to clear and activate all chakras, improves the flow of energies. Helpful for those in need of clarity. Increases memory and learning abilities.
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  • Orange Quartz w/ Hematite

    Energizing and grounding. Very healing for the area of the 2nd charka (ovarian, cervical, uterine cancers) assists in visualizing exercises where healing is the goal.
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  • Orange Rutile

    “Stone for Stabilization”
    Helps stabilize relationships, marriages, mental processes, and emotional and physical imbalances. Helps the Aura repel negative energy. Allows one to get to the root of a problem so a solution can be found.
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  • Peridot

    Stimulates the heart. Brings openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of love and relationships. Helps one in recognizing the detrimental patterns of one’s life so that growth can occur. Heals a bruised ego by lessening anger or jealousy.
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  • Pyrite

    Assist one in finding lost objects. Promote concentration and persistence in all endeavors. Good for bringing in money.
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  • Pearl

    “Stone of Sincerity”
    Brings truth to situations. Enhances personal integrity and facilitates spiritual advancement. Good for digestion.
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  • Petalite

    “The Angel Stone”
    Heals ancestral and family dysfunction. Used as an elixir, clears negative karma and entities from the aura.
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  • Petrified Wood

    “Stone of Transformation”
    Provides serenity and grounding. assists in accessing past lives and eliminating worries. Good for back and skeletal alignment.
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  • Phantom Quartz

    “Universal Awareness”
    Works to bring together the participants of humanity to benefit the Earth. Excellent for meditation and helps one connect to higher realms of knowledge.
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  • Phenacite

    Highly stimulating to the Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Facilitates deep meditation and promotes an “inner knowing.”
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  • Pietersite

    “Key to the Kingdom of Heaven”
    Aligns the chakras. Provides grounding to the etheric body. Helps to realize the brotherhood of humanity. Provides courage and tenacity. Helps to create and maintain beauty.
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  • Pink Opal

    “Stone of Renewal and Spiritual Awakening.”
    Teaches love. Helps release old patterns. Helps one enter a meditative state.
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  • Pink Topaz

    “Stone of True Love and Success in All Endeavors”
    Promotes individuality and creativity and faith in ones own decisions. Replaces negativity with love, peace and joy.
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  • Pink Tourmaline

    An aphrodisiac that attracts love in the spiritual and material world! Fosters love, tenderness, friendship, wholeness, and healing. Treats emotional dysfunction; heals old pain, and enhances relationships.
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  • Prehnite

    “Stone of Unconditional Love and Healing”
    Induces deep meditation and dispels nightmares and phobias. Heals connective tissue and stabilizes malignancy.
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  • Purple Turquoise

    Aids in truthful communication and enhances psychic abilities. Encourages empathy. Helps one feel calm and relaxed when speaking in public.
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  • Pyromorphite

    “Stone for Victory”
    Can be used to enhance other stone energies in healing work. Helps promote ones wit so that one can always see the humor in life. Instills vigor in oneself to help bring about success.
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  • Pyrope

    Pink variety of Garnet
    Provides protection of the base and crown chakras. Stimulates warmth and gentleness. Helps one stay grounded while opening the mind and spirit to great spiritual teachings.
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  • Quartz

    Provides clarity of mind, promotes positivity, gentle protection, assists in the meditation process, amplifies the properties of other stones, used for good luck. Great for redirecting energy. Can be used to cleanse other stones.
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  • Quantum-Quattro

    It is a combination of Shattuckite, Chrysocolla, Dioptase, Malachite, and Smoky Quartz. Immune system builder. Use in conjunction with the sun’s rays from 12 until 2 for physical healing and 3 to 5 for emotional healing.
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  • Quartz with Indicolite

    Activates Throat Chakra and Third Eye, strengthening communication and psychic awareness. Helps one to relate to others in a loving manner. Helps to realize the power of love.
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  • Rhodochrosite

    “Stone of Self-Love, Confidence, and Self-Esteem”
    This crystal helps one to feel self-love and to find happiness within one’s self. If you find yourself saying yes to other’s needs above your own this stone is for you. An excellent crystal for disorders of the breast and hormonal system. Helps relieve migraines.
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  • Rhodonite

    “Stone of Love”
    Energizes the heart chakra to convey unconditional love. Helps one to achieve personal greatness.
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  • Rose Quartz

    “Stone of Gentle Love”
    Promotes compassion. Attracts romance. Allows one to speak from the heart. Helps soothe loneliness and heartache.
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  • Rainbow Obsidian

    “Stone of Pleasure”
    h2 protective stone. Absorbs negativity and stress. Replenishes the heart energy and helps one release pain from past relationships.
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  • Red Jasper

    Nurturing and protective. Red Jasper will return any negative energy sent one’s way back to its source.
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  • Rhodozite

    Tiny dodecahedron-shaped crystals from Madagascar. High energy content. Use at Chakras 1, 2, 3, and 7 for astral projection and shamanism.
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  • Rhyolite

    Lights the fire of creativity in the soul. Excellent stone for meditation and helps emphasize the highest truth which is inherent in each individual.
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  • Rose Quartz

    “Stone of Gentle Love”
    Promotes compassion. Attracts romance. Allows one to speak from the heart. Helps soothe loneliness and heartache.
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  • Ruby

    “Stone of Nobility”
    Stimulates Heart Chakra. Brings spiritual wisdom, health, knowledge, and wealth. Helps one take on more responsibility.
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  • Ruby & Sapphire

    Promotes insight to the unknown and enhances ones intuitive awareness. Stimulates ambition and confidence and helps one to release anger in a positive manner. Helps both the Heart and Throat chakras.
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  • Ruby in Fuschite

    Eliminates any issues with servitude or martyrdom. Helps one achieve a sense of true self-worth and shed the feeling of “not being good enough.” Brings a positive and courageous state of mind as well as giving a feeling of vigor for life.
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  • Ruby in Kyanite

    Produces a melding of the Throat, Heart, and Base chakras, allowing for vocalization and resolution of basic issues and obstacles in a loving manner. Aligns all chakras and amplifies positive energies. This combination also assists in astral travel.
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  • Ruby Zoisite

    Attracts wealth. Stimulates crown chakra. Amplifies energy and eliminates negativity. Dispels laziness and idleness. Creates altered states of consciousness and serves as a vehicle for reaching your talents and the abilities of the mind.
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  • Rutilated Quartz

    Strengthens love, eases transition, cleanses the aura, stabilizes relationships and marriages. Accesses the root of a problem or illness. Provides insight. Eases transition and enhances growth.
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  • Shungite

    Eliminates all that imposes a hazard on people and any living being. Concentrates all that is helpful to life. Shields from harmful electromagnetic radiation (like computers, cell phones, etc). Helps to reduce stress and insomnia.
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  • Smokey Quartz

    Excellent grounding stone. Dissolves negative energy and emotional blocks. Provides psychic protection and grounds one’s psychic energy. Enhances attentiveness to the present.
    View Products

  • Sodalite

    Stimulates intellect, intuition, and honesty in emotions. Provides for fellowship, solidarity and a common of goal and purpose within a group.
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  • Sardonyx

    “Stone of Virtue”
    Brings happiness to marriages and live-in relationships. Helps one realize the delightfulness of living. Can be used to attract friends and good fortune as well as encouraging self-control.
    View Products

  • Scapolite

    Helps one to delve deep into oneself to find solutions to past and present problems. Encourages independence and taking initiative.
    View Products

  • Selenite

    Clear to white variety of Gypsum
    Brings clarity of mind, opening the crown and higher chakras. Helps to access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Instills deep peace and enhances telepathy.
    View Products

  • Seraphinite

    “Stone of the Angels”
    Assists in reaching higher realms, good for weight loss, enhances circulation and relieves chills.
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  • Serpentine

    Aids meditation and spiritual exploration by clearing the Chakras and opening the Crown Chakra. Helps one feel more in control of ones life.
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  • Shaman Stone

    Find your inner journey …
    Useful in connecting with one’s animal guides, and in providing psychic protection.
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  • Shiva Lingam

    “Stone of Kundalini”
    Activates the sacred energy. Alleviates back pain. Relieves menopausal symptoms.
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  • Silver

    Silver brings one “the advantage” throughout life. Helps bring eloquence to conversations. In astral projection, it provides a very h2 connection between the astral body and the physical body.
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  • Silver Leaf Jasper

    Protective against physical and non-physical threats.Provide courage and strength in moments of conflict.Blocks negative energy and radiates positive energy.
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  • Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

    Protects against accidents. Master healer. Keeps one grounded during meditation. Facilitates spiritual attunement. Promotes spontaneity in romance.
    View Products

  • Snowflake Obsidian

    Strengthens courage and promotes enjoyment of life. Aids with inner reflection during difficult times of transition; protects the wearer from negativity and grief and purifies the soul.
    View Products

  • Sphalerite

    Balances the male and female aspects of ones personality. Enhances intuition; allowing for recognition of truth versus deceit or fraudulent information.
    View Products

  • Spinel

    “Stone of Immortality”
    Rejuvenates and provides encouragement for further attempts at difficult tasks.
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  • Spirit Quartz

    AKA Fairy Quartz
    Can be used to activate and cleanse other minerals. Assists in meditation, vision quests, astral projection, and dreaming. Provides protection from psychic attacks.
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  • Star Rose Quartz

    “Stone of Gentle Love”
    Promotes compassion. Attracts romance. Allows one to speak from the heart. Helps soothe loneliness and heartache.
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  • Strawberry Quartz

    In addition to the properties of Quartz, StrawberryQuartz stimulates the Heart Chakra, filling one’sbeing with the feeling of love.
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  • Sugilite

    “Love Stone for This Age”
    Ultimate spirituality stone. Attracts healing power and eliminates anger, allowing one to forgive oneself.
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  • Sunstone

    Provides an energizing, sunny feeling. Cleanses and brightens the chakras. Used in the medicine wheel to connect with healing light. Encourages independence and brings good life and abundance.
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  • Super Seven

    “Stone of Connection”
    Super Seven contains the energies of Amethyst, Cacoxenite, Clear Quartz, Goethite, Lepidocrosite, Rutile and Smokey Quartz. Powerful stone with quality of the holy light. Promotes peace, wellness, and harmony. Assists in all endeavors.
    View Products

  • Tiger’s Eye

    Tiger Eye crystals help to release fear and anxiety. This stone will give you confidence and optimism to help ward off depression. A good stone to ground yourself when you feel spacey and need to focus.
    View Products

  • Tourmaline

    Diminishes fear by promoting understanding and encouraging self-confidence. Balances male/female energies as well as the mind and aura. Provides insight during times of struggle and helps identify the source of the issue.
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  • Turquoise

    “The Traveler’s Stone”
    Protects self and belongings when traveling. A Native American stone of protection and wealth. Facilitates spiritual and physical cleansing and provides grounding during meditation.
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  • Tangerine Quartz

    The color comes from Hematite
    Promotes Inner Self evaluation and evolution. Helps to activate the Sacral Chakra. Activates sexuality, creativity and brings energy to the user.
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  • Tanzanite

    “Stone of Magic”
    Aids manifestation. Stimulates Crown Chakra to produce visions and enhance psychic power. Gives user spiritual protection; helps get in touch with angels and guides. Powerful but gentle.
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  • Tektite

    Excellent for meditation. Assists in connecting with extraterrestrials or past life associations. Represses undesirable experiences and enhances impressions of positive memories and lessons learned. Strengthens one’s energy field.
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  • Tibetan Black Quartz

    One of the most powerful stones for spiritual protection. Creates a bubble of light around the body. Helps with nightmares.
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  • Tibetan Red Coral

    Quiets the emotions, promotes diplomacy, protects from depression.
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  • Titanite (Sphene)

    Promotes contact with heavenly bodies within this universe. Stimulates growth of plants. Can be used with other crystals to promote gentleness in their energies.
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  • Topaz

    “Stone of True Love and Success in All Endeavors”
    Promotes creativity and individuality. Replaces negativity with love, peace and joy.
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  • Tourmalated Quartz

    “Breaking Old Patterns”
    Aids in eliminating “crystallized” patterns which are or have been destructive to allow for positive growth.
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  • Trilobite

    Can promote leadership and management skills; allows one to lead with love, patience, and fortitude.
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  • Tsavorite

    Garnet variety that is resembles Emerald in color. Enhances channeling and produces visions. Helps one to connect to this plane via sensitivity rather than through the physical senses, though it heals disorders pertaining to the 5 senses and “though”.
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  • Tugtupit

    Opens and clears the Heart Chakra. Allows for one to deal with issues that will cause dis-ease if left unattended. Stimulates compassion for others and the self. Enhances self-expression.
    View Products

  • Unakite

    Balances emotions. Stimulates the reproductive system and promotes healthy pregnancies. Removes blockages in the charkas. Brings light to the cause of disease.
    View Products

  • Variscite

    Helps one to rise above despair into a calm peaceful life. Helps with dealing with death. Gives one courage to continue.
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  • Vogel Wand

    QuartzUniversal Life Force Energy enters the female end ofthe wand, spirals down the body of the wand. Thesuper-charged energy is emitted from the male endis excellent for healing and meditation.
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  • Wulfenite

    Allows one to recognize issues and navigate around “road blocks” to keep moving forward. Helps transition from the physical plane to psychic and astral planes. Can be used to help communicate with the spiritual world.
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  • Zebra Jasper

    In addition to the general properties of Jasper, ZebraJasper encourages us to stop seeing failure as anoption in life and to take action towards achieving our goals.
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  • Zeolite

    Zeolites are a family of minerals and related minerals. They are helpful in removing toxins from a person and their environment. Excellent healing stone and is very helpful when used during healing sessions (like Reiki).
    View Products

  • Zincite

    Produces a stimulation of the electric currents within the body and facilitates the removal or gradual dissipation of energy blockages. Useful in radionics.
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  • Zircon

    “Stone of Virtue”
    Promotes unions. Helps us to understand our connectedness to the universal spirit.
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