5 types of crystal and their healing properties

healing properties
Many people consider healing crystal part of their spirituality. You can easily find text references and historians talk about the healing properties of crystals. There are many practices and rituals that involves the use of crystal for healing. People who believe in the power of the crystals, for them it is a matter of understanding how to extract and harness the properties of crystals for their benefit. The crystals are formed under immense pressure, gradual accumulation of substances and heat. Each crystal has its own healing property. It is believed that each human has its own ability to extract the energy from the crystal. For centuries people believe that crystal numerous healing properties such as Amethyst is ideal for intestines and general health, which yellow topaz is best for mental clarity. During a treatment, a crystal healer will place a crystal on your body so that it can align with your chakra points. There are different types of crystals and each crystal provides a different benefit to the wearer. Looking for Money? Try Citrine Citrine is known as the merchant stone as well. The properties of this crystal improve focus and attention. People believe that the crystal brings good fortune to the wearer. It is also believed that when placed correctly on your working desk, the crystal brings good fortune to the business. Looking for Love? Try Rose Quartz Rose quartz is worn close to the heart. This crystal activates the fourth chakra in the body. It is said that the crystal attracts unconditional love. It promotes self-love in the wearer as well. The crystal also promotes unconditional outward love for people around you. Looking for Success? Try Tiger Eye The crystal is named after its resemblance to the eye of a tiger. This crystal was used by the Egyptians for hundreds of years as the eyes of the statures to signify divine vision. The crystal was also used by the Roman soldiers as the symbol of protection. The crystal not only brings good fortune but also opens your heart to receiving prosperous opportunities. The crystal is associated with the first and third chakra. The crystal supports vitality and maintains balance between the extremes. Looking for A Fresh Start? Try Amethyst This crystal is one of the most used crystals. It removes and cleans your body from toxins. At a subtle level, the crystal balances your emotional, mental and physical state by linking them to the spirit. The crystal is also known for cleaning aura and removing negative energy from the body. Looking for Good Health? Try Turquoise Turquoise if worn as an accessory because of its beautiful hues. It is one of the oldest crystals and it is worn by both men and women. Search for Find a New Age Store Near Me if you want to buy a healing bracelets made of turquoise crystal. This crystal is used for healing depression, panic attacks, and enhancing the physical immune system.