5 Must-Have Crystal Jewelry in Your Collection

Crystal jewelry epitomizes beauty and natural elegance with people getting increasingly drawn to them and encouraging them to shop wherever they go, going to such lengths, as heading to the mines to find special stones.

Crystals are aplenty but there are some very attractive gems and crystals which benefit most people. Lets elaborate on a few of them.


Is a stone that guides you to new opportunities enlightening yourself to live a higher purpose and letting go of fears that are preventing you from achieving this. A Citrine gives you abundance and personal power which will help you in your professional and personal goals. Citrine also breaks all barriers and lets you be your true self which is always evolving and encourages you to break away from the past and live a fuller life. It also helps insomniacs to foster deep sleep and is ideal to place it under your bed or pillow. It has a color of bright bright honey to deep burnt orange. You can keep it in your purse or with your jewelry to enhance your riches and increment your personal wealth. It is a very strong gemstone or crystal that is reminding you of the evolution that is helping you more purposeful in your outlook.

Clear Quartz:

A general good luck stone to create energy and positivity. It is a stone to give you that precious balance and is mainly used to amplify the qualities present in other stones as well as amplify those intentions and energies around you. Clear Quartz is a wonderful meditation tool and does not store any negative energy because the purpose of the stone is to amplify the energy and not debilitate it. It is thus known as a strong conduit of energy and regular cleansing will imbibe more power developing an aura. The crystal is colorless while it can also be cloudy or clearless.

Green Aventurine:

It is ideally meant for those seeking adventure in life and encourages creativity, vitality and a certain zest for life. It helps you negotiate obstacles which it views as a stepping stone to success and similarly as the adage fortune favors the brave, owning this stone will bring you providence of a different sort. It may help you to maneuver to and find an empty parking slot quite effortlessly or you may find some coins on the road, luckily. Thus Green Aventurine forebears good fortune. The color ranges from cloudy seafoam green to bright apple green. It has a sparkly quality to its appearance.

It can be placed in areas where spontaneous good luck is needed. It is a harbinger of joy and good camaraderie and shuns anger and stress.

Black Tourmaline:

Is a portender of good times and helps in grounding the negative energy around you. It is protection jewelry that mainly purifies the energy around you and is ideal for those who work outside or in traffic work that calls for high interaction among all sorts of people and where there is a lot of energy exchange among people, especially those who do not bode you well. Black Tourmaline is deep black and rectangular in shape. Place it at your doorstep for it is an excellent repeller of negative energy and best to keep around you for remaining immune to psychic attacks.

Lapis Lazuli:

This stone is all about truthfulness and standing up for what is right and also known for integrity and compassionate leadership. It is all for sustaining and nurturing relationships and encourages truthful communication and understanding. This Lapis Lazuli crystal urges your strong intuition to come to the fore and delves deeply into your innermost emotions and thoughts. It is said to possess the third eye and is a step forward than the rest in guiding through innermost visions. It has a beautiful intense color of cobalt blue. Keep the crystal in the living room, especially where you meditate.