4 Healing Stones to Open Your Root Chakra

The root chakra is called “Muladhara” in the Sanskrit language that means a foundation or a base indicating the important functions of the seven chakras. The root chakra is viewed as the base as it helps in cultivating a relationship of the human being to the nature to establish a sense of reliability to tackle and conquer the challenges in all circumstances of life.

Color plays an essential part when it comes to choosing the right healing stones to stabilize the root chakra. In this article, we’ll talk about 4 healing crystals that possess a powerful effect in opening up the root chakra.

    Red Jasper

    Red Jasper is believed to improve physical quality, zeal, and stamina in the human body. Since the olden times, our ancestors had benefited from the charms of red jasper. They were used as lucky charms for knights and fighters due to the stone’s powerful and protective effects. Additionally, it is thought to enhance vitality and strength in the body along with establishing a pure association with Mother Nature and life. When you wear red jasper, it provides stability to the root chakra by eliminating the negative vibrations and fear.


    Obsidian is a strong healing crystal that protects us from negative energy. It is the most beneficial for empathetic and sensitive people as it tends to absorb the harmful energy to provide a calming effect. But it is important to re-energize and cleanse the stone to eliminate the negative energy from it otherwise it will retain those harmful vibes.


    Hematite consists of spiritual attributes that help in staying sensible and considerate in every situation life throws at us. Hematite comes from the Greek word “Hema” which means blood and is known as a protective stone from losing the blood. The stone diminishes the negative thoughts and defeatism by increasing the sense of self-confidence and self-achievement. Moreover, this stone helps in regulating the blood supply in the body and helps in meditation to stay focused and have a calm mindset.

    Red Carnelian

    In ancient times, the stone was worn for quality and spirit and was used to stay spirited and lively. Carnelian gemstones are magnificent for the root chakra due to their reviving and recovering properties to keep your mind clear and your soul dynamic. Along with that, the stone has got great vibes to enhance sexual creativity and desires.

So, now you have knowledge of these pure healing stones along with their benefits to open up the root chakra. You can also wear these stones as jewelry to keep them with yourself at all times. Traditionally, these healing crystals work in an effective way when they are placed directly on the chakra that needs to be healed so, put any of the four healing stones closest to the chakras to open your root chakra and let them work for some time. Keep meditating and repeat the root chakras affirmations to enhance the power of healing.

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