What are the Ways to Use Chakra Crystals at Home?

Chakra Crystals are the spiritual energy centers that are responsible for a variety of functions within the body. There are seven main chakras known as root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakras.

If anything were to go wrong with your chakras, then this would make your entire body feeble. Chakra and Chakra crystals are used to rebalance these spiritual centers and improve your physical, spiritual and emotional side.

Chakra bracelets, for example, contain crystals of all the seven chakras to cleanse your body, mind, and soul practically. Chakra bracelet ensure that every stone works in harmony and all the chakras are represented.

Chakra healing crystals are a perfect way to energize your body without visiting a therapist or ingesting medicine. These crystals or stones are expected to stimulate different chakras located on the spine that are related to special energy wheels and connected to physical and emotional bodily issues. To use them effectively, place them on your body and meditate with them.

  1. Meditate with a friend:

    Lay down and ask a friend to place these crystals on your body rather than you doing it yourself and gradually slip into a deep meditative state.

  2. Find A Private Place:

    Find a private and noiseless place.

  3. Pick A noiseless Place:

    Choose a time and space to meditate and pick a quiet corner where you are not disturbed by anybody. Check whether your cell is off. It is good to meditate inside your house but going out for meditation has its advantages. Focus on receiving each stone’s energy. Visualize the energy being transferred to each chakra of your body.

  4. Lay comfortably on your back:

    Lie down on your back and don’t move. Quell any wandering thoughts coming to your mind and focus only on the breathing.

  5. Place the stones:

    Lay on your back and focus on the stones as your friend places them on your body one at a time.

  6. Focus on receiving its energy:

    Imagine its color and energy as it is being placed. Form a visual picture of the stone in your mind and picture the vibrations and energy being directed to the particular body parts of the corresponding chakra.

Lay the stones on your body in the said order:

Press a white or violet stone against your head. Take amethyst quartz and press it against the top of your head. Place the stone on the floor or near the bed. Knowledge and higher consciousness are felt by the state of this chakra called the crown chakra.

Have someone remove the stones in reverse order. Start with the white stone on your crown area and work the way down.