Types of healing stones and their properties

healing stones

Healing Crystal is kind of a pseudoscientific technique used for medicinal purposes and uses semiprecious stones for the purpose. There are these claims regarding this technique that these stones have healing powers or energies. To date, there has not been enough scientific proof for the same but this technique has worked for a lot of people and helped them alleviate some of their ailments. These are part of a self-care regime for a lot of celebrities too. It is believed that crystals emit strong positive, good energies, calm vibes so that you and your surroundings are peaceful and refreshed always.

Also, one more thing these stones can be used is for something like what is called the placebo effect. They can provide you with this psychological belief that something is with you to guard you against all the negative energies around you.


It might come as a surprise to you that these healing stones and crystals are available in wide varieties and types. A few of them are mentioned here:

Clear Quartz 

Also known as the master healer, Clear Quartz has all those special powers to balance your physical as well as mental health. These can also boost your immunity. An overall general good luck crystal.

Rose Quartz

Rose is a symbol of love and just like that, this stone brings love, loyalty, and respect into your life. So, this stone can bring harmony and peace into your disturbed personal life.


Also known as the prime nurturer, this stone is a symbol of empowerment and support. You will get all that courage to fight your tough times and confidences to smile through all those rough patches and walk through them bravely.


This one works like a protective shield against all the negative vibes, be it physical or emotional. If you have a weak digestive system, this stone could be your rescue and help with the detoxification process.


This one brings fun, joy, balance, happiness, and all positivity into your life making you feel more lively and optimistic about life.


This one is a healer for your brains, body, soul, everything and will also bring all that good luck to you. If you have any respiratory or skeletal issues, this one is your stone.


Purple in color, this stone brings in positivity, de-stresses, helps you keep calm and think spiritually, and also help insomnia and anxiety.


This one is known for providing you with strength, and growth. This one will bring success to all your new ventures in life and help you move forward.


This one is the stone of royalty and mindfulness. Can help with eye issues and blood-related disorders.


Helps improve your intellect and sensuality as well. These are known to detoxify the blood.

Now that you are aware of most varieties of stones, and their healing abilities, it won’t be tough to choose what works best for you.