Types of crystals and their effect on our body

What are the crystals? Crystals are stones that are formed under immense pressure and heat along with the accumulation of substances carried by groundwater. It takes hundreds to thousands of years for these crystals to form. Each crystal has a unique identity and energy in it. Similarly, each person has its own ability to extract those energies from the crystal. The usage of these crystals is known as Healing Crystals. There are 5 main types of crystals available and each crystal has its own unique property, which benefits the wearer differently. Looking for Money? Try Citrine This stone is also known as the merchant stone. The crystal is associated with the third chakra in the body. It is believed that the crystal brings good focus and attention. If you keep this crystal in a suitable position on your work desk, it will bring good fortune to your business. Looking for Love? Try Rose Quartz If you are facing any trouble in your love life, use this crystal. To get the full effect from this stone, you need to wear it close to your heart. It activates the fourth chakra. People believe that this crystal attracts unconditional love. It also promotes unconditional love for people around you as well. The crystal is used for improving emotional balance and helps in restoring confidence in the person. Looking for Success? Try Tiger Eye As the name suggests, the crystal looks like the eye of a Tiger. For hundreds of years, this crystal has been used by the Egyptians as the eyes of the statue, which expresses divine vision. This crystal was also used by the Roman soldiers and it was considered as a symbol of protection. It is also said that the crystal brings clarity, opens your heart, and brings good fortune. This crystal is associated with your third and first chakra, which supports vitality and maintain a balance between the extremes. People wear this crystal as a form of jewelry as well. Looking for A Fresh Start? Try Amethyst The common crystal used these days is the Amethyst. It is known for being a healing stone due to its magical healing properties. It is best for removing and cleaning toxins from the body. It helps in enhancing the immune system, improving endocrine function, improving the skin’s appearance,  promoting digestive health, reducing headaches, regulating hormones. The stone also connects your physical, emotional, and mental by linking them with the spirit. The crystal is famous for cleaning aura and eliminating negative energy from the body.   Looking for Good Health? Try Turquoise Turquoise is often worn as an accessory because of its attractive and beautiful hues. It is one of the oldest crystals and is famous among both men and women. People wear them as bracelets to get benefit from their healing properties. This crystal helps in dealing with panic attacks, depression, and enhancing the physical immune system. Since these stones are so popular, find these crystals for sale is not difficult. The only thing you need to make sure that the merchant sells authentic stones only.