Tumbled Stones VS Raw Crystals

raw and tumbled stones

Raw crystals and tumbled stones are made of the very same elements and there’s not much of a difference between the two except – tumbled stones are the flawless, gleaming version of raw crystals that you often find in healing jewelry, and decoration.

Since tumbled stones have been polished and crafted into nice bright little gems, they are much easier to show off as adornments or decorative pieces. Albeit altered and refined, these crystals have conserved healing properties that are just as beneficial as raw crystals. 

healing stone

Raw Crystals

Raw crystals don’t always look perfect after they’ve been pulled out from the earth. They are rock-like, with rough edges and almost no flashy sheen to them.  Raw healing crystals are believed to have powerful healing capabilities, an impact on one’s perspective, instill positive energies and reconnect you to nature. 

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Tumbled Stones 

Tumbled stones are the opposite of the unprocessed rocks that are freshly pulled from the ground. These are smooth, shiny stones that have been polished by a rock tumbler machine to give them a more rounded shape. Tumbled stones are often used for decorations such as lucky charms, jewelry, or gifts. 

Here are some ideas on how to use tumbled stones. 

Lucky Stones! 

It’s common among people who love crystals to carry around lucky stones in their pockets for good luck. Larger stones are better since they are said to bring surprises and good things to those who take them around. 

Artwork Pieces  

Arts is a liberating way to express oneself and there are lots of things you can use to add details to your artwork – tumbled stones for example. You can make 3D paintings with tiny stones cut out in different unique shapes. 3D paintings using tumbled stones are easy to make especially if you are dealing with vibrant colored stones like red and yellow jasper, amethyst, moonstone, green aventurine, and more..    

Ornaments and Decorations

If you like Christmas, you can find lots of creative ways to use tumbled stones as decorative pieces around your home. The brightly-colored tumbled stones can be used as Christmas ornaments. They can easily add colors to your store-bought Christmas balls, cards, and more. 

Even after the Holidays, you can also make better use of your precious tumbled stones on some projects. For example, Orange Quartz, Carnelian, Yellow Quartz, and Amethyst make a good photo frame or wall accent.  

Ground or Planter Covers

In case you run out of creative ideas, you can also put your tumbled stones to use by letting them lie around, well, as ground or planter covers. If you have large plants at home that might need a bit of an upgrade, you can scatter the stones to cover the soil in it. It serves as a protective cover that prevents erosion every time you water your plants. Plus, it gives your plants a better appearance. 

Healing Jewelry

Jewelry making can be extra exciting especially when precious stones are a part of it. It can be a satisfying hobby to craft keychains, earrings, rings, necklaces, and pendants with crystals in them. You can use these jewelry items as healing stones for personal use or give them as gifts to your friends and colleagues. 

When it comes to the healing properties of tumbled stones and raw crystals, there is often a debate on whether the healing powers have changed. Some think that raw crystals are more powerful since they are raw and unaltered, but others say that there’s no difference at all since both are made of the very same components. 

While there’s an ongoing discussion about this matter, there’s no wrong way to use them. Why not head on to crystalis.com, get a pair of your favorite tumbled stones, and find out for yourself? For sure it’s going to be amazing!