Tips to Use Crystal Energy for New Beginnings

Crystal Energy
We all make resolutions for the new year, but what often happens is you have a strong desire to change but not enough motivation to see your plans through. These resolutions are all fun and games until you realize, after a few months, that you barely made any progress towards achieving your goal. A sense of hopelessness then begins to set in and you feel dejected, but this is when you should bring crystal energy into your life. You can use the power of crystals to break toxic behaviours, make positive changes, and reach those goals you’ve set. Use the crystals for new beginnings to stay motivated through your New Year’s resolutions. These stones are best when you use them in the first 40-days after setting your goal – when you are the most motivated and dedicated towards your plans. When the year starts, it is brimming with hope however hope alone is not enough to keep your plans from falling through the cracks. But when you use crystals, you solidify your intention for a new beginning and then follow it through. When you set an intention for a new beginning, you are forced to gain clarity about your goal. Rather than spending your time dreaming, you will actually spend time acting on it. The practice of using crystals aligns your spirit with the energy of your intention. That way, the crystal continues to work as a visual reminder of what you want to accomplish. When you are tempted to go back to your old ways, you can connect with your crystals to get back on track. If you are all set to turn your goals into actual milestones, then what you need is healing crystals and stones. Tips to Wear Crystals for New Beginning When you wear these crystals, you will be able to stay in sync with your intention despite any distractions or temptations. Anytime you feel like abandoning your plans, just look at your wrist to remind yourself about the goals you are working on. This helps you stay committed to your goal and continue working towards it. Tips to Carry Crystals for New Beginnings It is exciting to start fresh, but also intimidating. Change is never easy because it requires development of new habits and overcoming toxic ones. To see yourself through this transition, you should carry crystals for new beginning to strengthen your resolve. Carrying these crystals will also help you stay confident, determined, and courageous. Here are some of the crystals you can keep handy to help you meet your goals:
  • Chrysocolla: Keeps you focused and encourages you to get rid of all negative thoughts and patterns making space for positive improvement. Chrysocolla is one of the best stones to plant the seed of growth in your soul and help you trust your intuition.
  • Blue moonstone: This stone encapsulates the energies of a new moon and new beginnings. Keep it handy at the start of a new project, a new pregnancy, or a new goal.
  • Flower agate: This crystal encourages you to use your potential to the fullest. It is also a stone for growth and transformation that you should carry through the new year.
  • Rainbow moonstone: Get rid of all the disabling thoughts and doubts that are holding you back! Let the energies of Rainbow Moonstone guide and cleanse you with an energy of comforting encouragement.
  • Blue Kyanite: This versatile crystal has several attributes. It is incredibly helpful in cutting emotional ties with toxic people and encourages honest communication. When you are venturing into something new, you should be able to move forward with confidence. The earthy nature of blue kyanite will help you do this by promoting self-power and confidence.
  • Amazonite: This stone is what you need if you are starting new projects and want to feel a surge of hope and positivity. It will help you gain greater understanding of what you want and stimulate you to take calculated risks.
  • Calcite: Calcite allows you to have clarity and confidence when pursuing new ventures. It also allows you to put things into perspective by aligning your energies, helping you find balance, and increasing innovation. When using calcite, enter into meditation and focus on your spine. Visualize the energy moving upwards and through you to support each chakra in aligning with this new beginning.
Install Crystals for New Beginnings in Your Space If you really want to succeed and see your plans through, then you must surround yourself with positive energy that provides clarity to manifest your dreams. You can set the crystals mentioned above throughout your home to create an environment that will stoke the flames of your ambitions. Now that you know the power of using crystals for new beginnings, it is time to introduce them into your life and unleash their positive force.