Tips to Decorate Your Room Using Crystals

Our houses are an extension of ourselves. There are many outstanding ways in which you can decorate your home. One is with crystals that add a lot of depth to your home-furnishing. Their innate qualities add a shield of overpowering protection and add a touch of refreshing cool to the house. The crystals bring with them a mystical aura which will reflect and replenish your homes positive vibrations, thus attracting visitors by the dozen to your house.

Begin with the glowing quartz in the fireplace to add lustre which will resonate in the fireplace in its traditional glory, with a resplendent aura, preceded by a natural warmth never experienced before.

Gracing a chandelier in the corner of the house bejewelled with dangling quartz stones and lining up charoite crystals in lovely geodes with shades of purple and lavender will transform the sombre mood of the house into a glorious, attractive and regal bearing.

Accentuating your drawing room with elegantly showcased stones in a glass box can display an avid attraction to the house albeit with a creative twist. A house decorated with natural elegance of the stones will stand apart in tradition and ingenuity that makes the house look chic and bold.

At times when there is trouble and anger spewing, it targets the house with bad vibes and energies that can be quelled by placing crystals and stones in strategic places. This will cleanse the house of negative energy and fill the home with an immersive experience. Crystals create a calm radiant and lavish space to live in.

You can place crystals in the bedroom to help you sleep and unwind. A crystal which lives up to its name thus is the Rose Crystal that ushers in unconditional love and peace to the house. It is the quintessential stone to align the stone with the heart chakra and in the process rediscover and reciprocate self-love and compassion. Rose Quartz devalues the tensions brewing and cajoles you into a good night’s sleep by nurturing empathy, forgiveness and lowering stress-levels. A natural energy cleanser like selenite placed under the pillow will nudge you into a restful sleep. If the nighttime asks for an endearingly warm bed and buoyant vibes, use a selenite lamp. Selenite lamps will instill cleaner energies and lighten up your mood so that you can unwind with a good book as you are tucked into bed.

For those in relationships, a pair of rose quartz and amethyst on an upright stand will do the trick of deepening your togetherness because amethyst enhances intuition and relaxation. You can alternatively place rose quartz and aventurine mandarin ducks to promote welfare and love in relationships. Mandarin ducks signify long-lasting love and are a symbol of love in Chines relationships.

Place the mandarin crystal ducks in the romantic corner of the room and place the mandarin ducks in the far right corner of the room to enliven eternal love.

Choose celestite crystals for your children’s bedroom that offers a protective ray of white light and is heaven’s answer to allay all fears and put the child to restful sleep.