The Importance of Shapes

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When constructing a crystal grid, one has several things to consider: crystal type, size, color, quantity, and shape. The shape of your crystal can be something you might not initially look for, but there is much more to each shape when considering its meaning, energetic output, and usage.     Shape combined with location can make for extremely powerful grid construction.  Depending on where you place a crystal within your grid, your intention can be greatly strengthened by the shape you choose.

Below are four common shapes and their respective uses:


Also known as a crystal ball or orb, a sphere is a three-dimensional object shaped like a ball and serves a myriad of purposes. Spheres are especially helpful when trying to connect to the oneness of all life, and channeling with unity in mind. A sphere will emit energy in all directions equally and can help bring together a group. This shape is also helpful when meditating or scrying, as well as focusing your attention on receiving intuitive information. In grids, spheres are excellent in the middle as a master stone, since they will emit energy from all sides and expand into the grid/room evenly. In feng shui, this shape represents wealth and the elements of air and water.

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Also known as a tetrahedron, the base is a polygon and the sides are triangles meeting at an apex. Use a pyramid as a strong center stone to amplify your focus and grid intention, as well as preserve knowledge, wisdom, love, and protection. The foundation serves as a strong grounding force channeling powerful energy into the atmosphere and sending your message to the universe. Pyramids are excellent energy conductors and transmit messages cleanly and clearly. They transmit energy from the root chakra up to the crown, aligning all energetic centers in a steady force and connecting the higher dimensions to your grounded center. In feng shui, pyramids represent the element of fire.


In basic geometry, to cube is to multiply the same amount three times. For example, 3x3x3=27. That number, 333, without multiplying it, represents the realm of the Ascended Masters. To take this even further, take 27 and apply the basics of numerology to it, 2+7=9, which signifies the completion of a cycle. Use a cube to assist in channeling ancient wisdom while remaining grounded, and experience the completion of a life cycle with awareness and good intentions. Cubes also help affirm that everything will turn out for the best. In feng shui, a cube represents the element of the earth.

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Especially helpful in healing rituals, wands are also very important energy channelers in a crystal grid. The wand shape can occur naturally in many times of gemstones and can be used in a variety of ways. They are especially useful for directing energy, focusing attention, and grounding the force of multiple streams of thought into a steady, single force. In crystal grids, they can connect energetic matrices to one another and create pathways to connect them into one larger matrix (especially if they are double-terminated). Wands also aid in directing flow to cleanse and charge crystals continuously. In feng shui, a wand represents the element of fire.

Summary: The Importance of Shapes

Crystals, stones, and gemstones come in endless shapes, sizes, and colors. By choosing crystals for your home, meditation, and grids based on the purpose you intend for them to serve, you only strengthen your grid power and accelerate the manifestation process. When perusing crystals and making decisions, always rely on your intuition and trust that the crystal you select will be perfect for your specific need. Ask your crystal to work with you in order to accomplish your goal, and believe that all things will happen in divine timing. All stones can be charged for specific intentions; don’t forget to show gratitude to your stones once they have completed their task.