Stones to Make You Feel Calm and Balanced

Anyone who talks about crystals will often mention the energies, vibrations, and healing powers that are associated with them. However, these mystical healing crystals do a lot more than just that! When used the right way, healing stones help you overcome feelings of anxiety and brings you a sense of calm. So, if you are looking for a natural way to inspire abundance and good vibes, then you need the powers of stress stones! What Are Stress Stones? Did you know that there is a whole group of healing stones that strictly work on relieving stress and anxiety? Also known as the stress stones, they can really help settle your spirit and connect you with your energy field in a way that cleanses and centres you. When you are stuck in a vortex of stress and anxiety, you start feeling drained and incapable of managing your life anymore. This feeling of utter helplessness makes you feel even worse about yourself. When this happens, you need the calming energy of crystals that inhibit negative thought patterns and supply positive energy. Since most of the stress stones are connected to your third eye chakra, these calming stones help you regain your composure and feel more in control. Here are the most common stress-relieving stones that you need in your life: Amethyst Amethyst Amethyst is a purple crystal that has the reputation of being able to relax even the most troubled minds and to help you sleep like a child at night. Aligned with the third eye chakra, this stone sends peaceful, positive vibes throughout your system and relaxes your mind to bring you clarity. Celestite Celestite This high vibrational stone helps you get rid of all the chaotic thoughts that run amok in your head. Bring the positive, calming energy of this stone into your life to clear your headspace and think more rationally. It is connected to your third eye, heart, and crown chakras which helps you attain the highest level of peace and serenity. Its soothing energy also sharpens your intuition and creates a sense of calm, allowing you to let go of all your fears. Fluorite Fluorite The main reason you should work with fluorite is to bring some clarity into your life and restore its balance. When you are under stress, its purple-green hue will help you feel at peace almost instantly and its blue tone will banish all negativity, giving you a clear mind. When your mind begins to race, fluorite tames it and helps you concentrate on the task at hand. It cuts through chaos to help you identify, as well as address, the root of the problem. It also helps you gain a fresh perspective on your situation which eases the feeling of being overwhelmed. Black Tourmaline Black Tourmaline While it is often mistaken to only be a protection stone, black tourmaline is also a crystal that enables you to feel calm. It helps you build boundaries between yourself and the negative thoughts that often weigh you down. When you are able to cleanse and protect yourself from negative influences, you are able to gain clarity of mind and calmness. Angelite Angelite As the name suggests, this stone will remind you that you always have an angel looking over you and that you are not alone. You can use it as a touchstone to relieve tension, stress, and anger from your body. Blue Lace Agate Blue Lace If there was ever a stone that encapsulated the entire ocean, then this is the one! Blue lace agate is a soothing stone that has the ability to calm your mind and make you feel in full control of your situation. If you want to unleash the true potential of this stone, then you should place the stone in your hands, close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Lepidolite Lepidolite This is the best stone to use right before you go to sleep. It is especially helpful if you have an overactive mind. Just the presence of this stone will give you peace of mind in moments of stress and help you gain access to your dreams! These stones are all meant to make you feel a sense of calm and composure when you feel troubled and lost. They can also be programmed just like any other crystal to make them charged with your personal intent. Just cleanse the stone by burning sage as you hold them between your hands and visualize your intentions being fulfilled.