Stimulate the Mind, Body & Soul With Healing Crystals

The people of the United States are migrating towards alternative and complementary medicines, making no bones about their fixation on healing crystals and stones. Many a times, you have been presented with these stones which are very colorful and exploratory in content.

At some point in your life, people have offered you these stones and have been showing off these stones to all and sundry. But you are ignorant about their true worth. There are a number of healing crystals that are thought of as being powerful and capable in getting the body rid of negative energy and bad vibes and building an aura of positive energy around the individual.

Historically speaking, these stones are prided on being ancient forms of medicine based on borrowed philosophies of hinduism and buddhism. Is this all hype created by some tout that falsifies all information or are the crystals for real, that imbibe each with positive vibes for mind, body and soul?

The key to indulging in this experience is practise of mindfulness, reflection and acceptance. We are not using our minds to the fullest potential and person’s mind may have much more potential than it is credited with. Even though there isn’t a great support for these crystals, there are a number of people who swear by its powers. If you are itching to give the healing crystals a go, it would be better if you did it with an open mind and find out what each stone has in store for you.

Let’s cite some examples of healing crystals in line with the above theory:

Clear Quartz:

This white healing crystal is considered to be a unique healer. It is said to be a universal regulator of energy by storing, releasing and regulating it. It is also a unique aid in improving memory and concentration. Clear crystals are known to help stimulate the immune system and create a finite balance in your body. Clear Quartz is paired with other stones to amplify their properties such as with rose quartz to aid in boosting memory.

Rose Quartz:

As the color denotes, rose quartz is all about love. It is congenial to improve relationships with lots of trust and harmony and builds a seal of trust in improving close relationships. Rose Quartz is proven to provide strength and calmness in times of grief and anxiety. Rose Quartz further instills confidence, love, trust and self-worth in our being that is necessary during all times.


This smooth healing crystal is known as the supreme nurturer by completely energizing the spirit and supporting you in stressful times. It also gives you confidence and prevents negative vibes from entering you while enhancing courage, quick thinking and confidence.


An extremely protective stone, it is said to imbibe the owner with strength, compassion and clarity and find your true self. It also helps in detoxification and digestion while reducing cramps and pains in the body. It also helps to form a shield against physical and emotional negativity.


A flaming red colored crystal, it helps restore energy and vitality. It is also considered to help sensuality, sex and intlellect. The stone is said to awaken thoughts of self-realization and is known as the harbinger of truth.