Psychic & Spiritual Readings

Spiritual life coach, intuitive psychic, spiritual, and tarot readings in the DC Metro area. Find clarity, insight, and healing in your life. We are proud to have gifted readers and coaches who can help you explore personal growth, connections with angels and loved ones, answers to questions weighing on your mind, and much more. Call (703)-689-0114 today to make an appointment.

• Fridays 11:00am-6:00pm – Cynthia

Cynthia has given over 10,000 readings. She does readings in person and over the phone. From relationships to finance, Cynthia answers questions for men and women who seek to have greater clarity on their path. Cynthia can help you in relationships, finance, your “destiny,” past lives, and even the dearly departed. A 30 min session is $85 and a 1 hour session is $125. For phone readings, you must pay in advance. For testimonials: For Google Reviews click here.

• Saturdays 11:00am-6:00pm – Jeffri Harre – Tarot Reading

Jeff first became interested in Tarot while in elementary school and received his first deck from his grandmother at the age of 12. He has spent a lifetime studying the history and mystery of the Tarot. Jeff has been reading professionally for over five years. He reads with multiple decks in the style of Mary Beth Canty, his teacher for a number of years. His intuitive, compassionate readings get to the heart of the issue as well as the unasked questions. A 30 min session is $60 and a 1 hour session is $100.