Special Stones: Birthstones, Anniversary Stones, and Zodiac Crystals

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Crystals make great gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc. and there are some special associations between certain special events and crystals. Everyone has heard of birthstones. However, there are also stones associated with certain anniversaries, and each stone also typically is associated with one or more zodiac sign, too! This is no way an exhaustive list, but in this blog we’ll cover some of these crystals for you.


Everyone has heard of birthstones, and, presumably, knows their own, but we’ll still run through both the modern set of birthstones and the traditional one, as well as common substitutes.

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Anniversary Stones

Anniversary Stones are not as commonly known as birthstones, but they are a thing. It is traditional to give certain gifts on different anniversaries. We have two lists below. One is the traditional list that also includes items that are not stones, and the list that is purely stones, crystals, and metals. There is also an alternatives column were we put other suggestions we found. Once more this is not a comprehensive list and people of different cultures and nationalities may have different lists, but these are the ones we’ve compiled.

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Zodiac Stones

If you want to get a special stone for your birthday, but want something a little different than the traditional birthstones, try finding a stone based on your zodiac. All stones are associated with at least one zodiac sign, and we pulled together some popular stones and their signs for you!

Zodiac Stones


Hopefully, these lists will help you find a special gift for a special someone, whether that is your partner, a family member, or yourself! If you have any questions or would like to know if we have a certain stone in-store. Please contact us using the form in the footer or call us at 703-689-0114.