Prosperity Crystals: Manifesting Wealth and Abundance

prosperity crystals

“Money equals freedom.” -Kevin O’Leary

Money is a necessary tool in our lives. We buy our items with it, pay for housing with it, help others with it, reach our goals with it, and celebrate by using it. First, we must make and maintain it.

More people struggle with financial prosperity than one might realize, and most are receiving financial advice on how to navigate the ever-fluctuating economy. Saving for unexpected expenses while branching out on your investments and eliminating potential debts can be a daunting combination of necessary actions.

Using crystals for attuning yourself to wealth and prosperity may seem like an unlikely course of action, and it is important to note that they should not replace your financial advisor and research while planning your financial future. That said, they can invite the energies of wealth and prosperity to your home and enhance your personal intentions and strengthen your goals.

Every crystal will work with a unique vibration and you will find yourself drawn to the ones needed for your specific situation. For thousands of years humans have relied on stones to draw in and help maintain their personal net worth, and we believe it can serve as a crucial part of your financial success.

prosperity money


Below are some crystals we recommend for attracting wealth, prosperity, success, and financial savvy:

Citrine: Citrine is one of the best crystals to result in an abundance of wealth. Known as the “merchant’s stone,” as it brings prosperity to shopkeepers and salespeople alike. This stone does not need to be cleansed and serves as a strong beacon to your finances. Since it resonates with the solar plexus chakra, it initiates a powerful inner transformation within, in regard to self-worth and purpose.

Green Aventurine: A lucky stone, Aventurine can bring about the opportunities you need to find a better paying job or invite in financial gain. This is an excellent stone to keep with you during meetings and interviews.

Pyrite: Known as Fool’s Gold, this stone will assist in saving from scams of any kind. Useful for meetings when entering into contracts that may affect your finances and keeping a clear head when making decisions. Attracts wealth and prosperity as it calls to the energies of gold.

Ruby Zoisite: This stone is a powerful energizer. It brings in money, luck, wealth, abundance, and completeness. It helps stimulate productivity and vitality to realize financial goals and stability.

Tiger’s Eye: This stone will help you set the foundation of self-reliance needed to make a difference in your spending habits. Meditate with Tiger’s Eye while working with the law of attraction.

Jade: One of the most valued stones in China for centuries, Jade will balance your ambitions and boost your positive vibrations and energies. Jade will protect your finances as they are, and help increase your value gradually and with longevity in mind.

Crystal Grid:

Seed of Life – the ever-expanding design of growth.

This is one of many grids we recommend for your prosperity stones. It is shaped in the Seed of Life and is intended to help you generate the income you choose by generating a steady stream of wealth in order to accomplish your monetary goals. Place a stone at each point shown below, using the stones you feel so inclined to for each position. 

Seed of life crystal grid

Take some time to relax and come up with a clear goal or amount you wish to acquire. Write down your intention on a piece of paper, and place it underneath your center stone. Each day when you walk by your grid, take a moment to pause while you send love and appreciation to your stones. When manifesting money, it is important to maintain gratitude for what you do have and maintain a clear vision of the reality you believe to come.

Uses in Feng Shui:

Known as the Art of Placement, combining your crystals with feng shui generates powerful results. There are nine sections of your home broken down into baguas, each with a specific correlation.  Locate the Southeast corner of your home; this is considered your Prosperity Corner. By placing your money crystal grid here – or just your individual stones – can quickly bring about the financial prosperity you desire.

Consider also using a wealth bowl or jar – placing a bowl with your loose change, coins, and a variety of the aforementioned stones will bring great success when inviting in prosperity

citrine stock

In conclusion, crystals can serve as a powerful arsenal when taking control of one’s finances and manifesting money. Use these crystals in the way you feel called, and by keeping them close you can eliminate past money blockages and move forward towards the prosperity you seek in order to live the life you deserve. Remember the importance of remaining grateful throughout this process, as we truly live in abundance more than we may realize. Good luck and happy manifesting!