Margo Morrison Chalcedony, Opal, Chrysoprase, & Roman Glass Bracelet


Chalcedony – Great for promoting a sense of peace and joy. Helps those who tend to worry by encouraging living in the present. Brings feelings of generosity and benevolence. Removes feelings of hostility and encourages light-hearted optimism. Good for communication and public-speaking. Brings ones emotions into harmony. Opal – “Stone of Happy Dreams” Improves personal and business relationships. Stimulates crown chakra. Provides deep mental clarity. Instills faith in love. Chrysoprase – Promotes compassion, positive growth, and forgiveness. Helps heal a broken heart and brings a sense of security and trust. Helps prepare the heart for new relationships and to connect with abundant love. Supports independence, while still encouraging commitment. Prevents nightmares. This 9-11 mm chalcedony, opal, chrysoprase, and roman glass combination bracelet is strung on high-quality elastic and fits up to a 7′ in. wrist comfortably.

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