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Selenite Healing Crystal: Healing Properties and Benefits

A crystalized form of the mineral gypsum, selenite is a soft, luminous stone that has been revered centuries for its angelic nature. This highly spiritual crystal is most often found in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Brazil, and Australia. Even though some types of selenite appear orange-hued, this stone is commonly known for its pearly white color, and it was named after Selene, goddess of the moon. Like the moon, selenite can work to bring light in the darkness.

Selenite Crystal is widely known for vibrating clarity, tranquility, and calm, as well as harmony and protection. Let’s take a closer look at how this special crystal can bring powerful healing.

The Healing Benefits of Selenite Crystal

Your Body:

Selenite Crystal is known to help align the spine and aid in healing skeletal issues. It can also boost the health of your skin and hair for a lustrous glow. A good way to connect with selenite crystal properties is to rest your bare feet on a selenite wand while you sit in a chair. This healing crystal is also an excellent sleep aid—place it under your pillow at night, and it will help bring calm and relaxation for deep, healthy slumber. Or under your mattress to help balance tand relax the spine.

Your Mind:

In addition to having ethereal qualities, this healing crystal is very grounding as well. Therefore, it’s an excellent stone to help clear the mind from stress, worry, and anxiety. If you’re feeling foggy or distracted, selenite will help bring your thoughts into focus.

Because it’s so adept at clearing, selenite is a wonderful stone to meditate with. Holding this crystal while meditating will help quiet your mind and bring you into the present.

Your Spirit:

Here’s where all the angelic, illuminating qualities of selenite crystal come into play. Activating the sixth and seventh chakras, selenite can enhance and support your psychic abilities and open you up to receiving wisdom from the universe, spirit guides, and angels.

Selenite is also wonderful for clearing negative energy and bringing good vibrations in. Because of this, it’s a great partner for manifesting the life you desire, as it helps you get clear on what you want and connect with your greatest and highest good. 

For an energetic cleansing crstals with selenite, wave a selenite wand slowly around your body to absorb any negative vibrations. You can do this daily or whenever you’ve experienced negativity from others. 

Your Home:

Selenite offers protection from negative vibrations and promotes a healthy flow of energy in your living space as well. If you place the luminous healing crystal inside the entrance of your home or on windowsills, it will guard against toxicity and lower vibrations from coming in. Another great way to use selenite is to wave the wand throughout rooms, like you would a smudge stick, to help move any stuck energy.

Cleansing and Charging Your Selenite Crystal

How to charge crystals with Selenite and how to cleanse crystals with selenite? We advise cleansing your selenite crystals on a regular basis to keep them charged to their full healing potential. Not surprisingly, setting selenite in moonlight is an excellent way to achieve this. You can also smudge selenite or even bury it in the ground overnight so it regains its earthly essence and vibration.

Once cleansed and charged, selenite can help charge your other crystals as well. Place healing crystals in a selenite bowl or charging plate, and the selenite will share its high vibrations and rejuvenate your collection.

Start working with selenite crystal now

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