Overcome Depression and Anxiety with These Healing Crystals

Healing crystals have been around for a very long time and are known to have powerful healing properties. Each crystal or stone has its own inherent ability to help you overcome different obstacles in life. In fact, did you know that crystals are also known to help treat mental health issues such as depression and anxiety? We live in stressful times, and depending heavily on medication can do more damage to your body than good. An alternative way to get rid of these negative feelings, and clear your mind, is to use crystals for anxiety and depression. Even in your deepest state of worry and stress, these crystals will be able to help you overcome them. 5 Crystals Which Can Help Relieve Anxiety & Depression: Smokey Quartz Smokey quartz is packed with positive, healing energy that can detoxify your body and help you move forward in life. A smokey quartz can aid you in releasing negativity and opening your heart to receive more positive energy. This crystal helps you stay grounded in the present moment which helps relieve emotional imbalances created by worries for the future. It will help you to pinpoint the source of your misery, and then provide you with emotional strength to let go and move on. With the help of these properties, it is only a matter of time until you are able to resolve your issues and restore your natural state of happiness. Amethyst Amethyst is a powerhouse of healing properties. It is known to have a calming, meditative energy that works like a charm on your troubled mental state. It evokes your emotional and spiritual being to promote a sense of calm, peace, and balance. Amethyst is linked to your crown chakra, which helps purify your thoughts and at the same time clear your head of negative feelings. When you start working with amethyst, you will soon notice that you are able to meditate your way out of negativity and darkness. It is one of a few gemstones that not only helps promote mental balance but also improves your intellectual thought process. Rose Quartz If you are a hopeless romantic and feeling despondent due to a heartbreak, then this is the stone for you. Rose quartz is a stone that will open your eyes to self-love and start the healing process, all by itself. It can help you recognize your passion, make you more compassionate, and allow you to let go without any bitterness in your heart. If you are suffering from mental health issues due to low self-esteem, then you must use this stone because it enables you to love yourself and connect with your heart chakra. Citrine Citrine is a crystal that will bring joy into your life. You will be able to harness positive vibrations through its radiant, sunny energy. It is one of those rare crystals that naturally deflects all negative energy, and is perfect for if you are struggling with depression and anxiety. In fact, when you are working with this crystal, you will be able to see all the opportunities that are available to you. Citrine is like a friend on call when you need someone to pick you up in your darkest time. It can also be used to create a stronger support system of loved ones to help you overcome your anxiety and depression. Angel or Opal Aura Quartz This beautiful quartz has a sweet, loving energy that helps you see the beauty and love around you. Just being in its presence will enhance your mood. You can also use it to cleanse your aura, especially during meditation. With its raw and peaceful energy, you will be able to feel at peace with yourself. It provides mental and physical rest, which helps alleviate a stressed state of mind commonly seen in those suffering from anxiety and depression. When used the right way, this crystal can also help you achieve a higher state of consciousness. All you need to do is place your faith in this crystal and watch it work for you. Use the aforementioned crystals to remove stress, depression, and anxiety from your life in a natural, calming way!