National Couple’s Day Crystals: Maintaining a Relationship

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National Couple’s Day is this coming Thursday – August 18th! Today we’ll talk about some crystals that will help you maintain your relationship!

1) Rose Quartz: The Stone of Gentle Love

We’re getting the obvious crystal choice out of the way first. This stone promotes love and compassion. It attracts romance and allows one to speak from the heart. Rose Quartz helps soothe heartache. This crystal can also be used to provide heart-healing energy. This is a stone for people who are settled in their relationship, and who feel comfortable in the routine they and their partner have established. This stone of gentle love helps you keep that up.

2) Sodalite: Communication Crystal

This next stone is for those who may be having a few issues in their relationship. One of the top reasons for relationship problems is a lack of communication. Communication is key to building and maintaining a strong relationship. To help facilitate communication use sodalite. Sodalite promotes effective communication. It stimulates intellect, intuition, and honesty about emotions. It provides for fellowship, solidarity, and a common goal and purpose.

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3) Green Garnet: Grudges be Gone!

While there are relationship-ending offenses, many of the things we get upset with our partners about are petty things. Holding small grudges for never doing the dishes, breaking the china, deleting your Netflix account, etc. are not conducive to maintaining a relationship. These small things can fester. Green Garnet helps you release negativity related to past hurts, and it helps strengthen relationships!

4) Peridot: Acceptance is Key

Peridot promotes openness and acceptance in relationships. If you can’t accept who your partner is – flaws and all – how can you honestly expect to have a lasting relationship? This stone also helps you recognize detrimental patterns in your life and relationships. Once you acknowledge these issues you can then grow from them as a couple. Plus, this crystal helps prevent jealousy.

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5) Pink Tourmaline: Friends to Lovers

Marriage should be a union between best friends who love each other dearly. So many people focus on the romantic aspects of long-term relationships that they forget to also be their partner’s friend. Pink Tourmaline attracts love, tenderness, and friendship. This gentle stone also treats emotional dysfunction, heals old pain, and enhances relationships.

6) Rutilated Quartz: Stability in Love

This crystal strengthens love and stabilizes relationships and marriages. When things are starting to get a little difficult and your relationship is starting to feel a little rocky, bring some stability into it with Rutilated Quartz. This stone also helps with personal growth, and you can’t be happy and content in a relationship until you are happy and content with yourself.



7) Rhodonite: The Stone of Love

Rhodonite energizes the heart chakra and helps you show unconditional love to those you care about. The problem in so many relationships is not the lack of love, but the inability to show or express the love already there. Use rhodonite to overcome that hurdle and show your love exactly how much you love them. Use this crystal to foster a loving relationship between yourself and your significant other.

In Conclusion

Relationships are hard work, and you need to put an amazing amount of effort in to maintain them. These crystals are not a shortcut to avoid that, but a tool to help you and your partner along your journey. Encourage love to grow and remain strong with Rose Quartz and Rhodonite. Facilitate communication with Sodalite. Keep the friendship you share with your partner strong with Pink Tourmaline. Navigate disagreements and differences in opinion with Green Garnet and Peridot, and build a stable relationship with Rutilated Quartz.