More Energy From Chakra Crystals at New Age Shops Near Me

Health and wealth are important components of happiness in today’s fast paced lives. Interestingly enough, both of these hold true across different economic sections of the world. While it is true that Gen Y is clearly not attending as many prayers and religious functions as its predecessors, members are still searching for salvations. One way to get close to the same is by visiting new age shops near me. Chakra crystals Seven chakras are meant to give energy to the human body. As long as these chakras are nurtured and balanced, the body feels grounded, centered, and full of energy. All the chakras are meant for good health and well being. In order to balance the body’s seven chakras, one has to purchase chakra stones from new age shops near me. Crystals and stones have been used since ancient times for healing purposes. Each of the stones contain unique healing prowess. These can protect individuals from negative and evil powers. To know more, read about the seven chakra stones here:
  1. Amethyst- This stone can be found in various shades of violet color and a number of hues. It can be used for almost all purposes. The known benefits of amethyst include relief from stress and anxiety and clarity of mind in a state of confusion. It radiates the third eye and crown chakras. The stone is also excellent for diseases such as cell degeneration and insomnia, and for overall health.
  2. Citrine- This yellow colored crystal is much adored by many. Other than beauty, it has excellent healing properties as well. Not only does its help get rid of financial problems, but it can help attain a lot of prosperity.
  3. Rose quartz- It is also recognized as the stone of love, symbolizing love and harmony. It enables one’s heart to give and receive love. The translucent stone is able to provide mental, physical, and emotional stability to an individual.
  4. Carnelian- Any individual suffering from a lack of confidence or motivation must be given this stone. It boosts energy and prevents the individual from giving up in any situation.
  5. Aventurine- It can be found in a variety of colors that include green, peach, yellow, blue, red, and more. The stone will always be able to attract true feelings for its owner. Every individual searching for true relationships, whether love or friendship must have it by the side. Green aventurine is the most used one here as it has the maximum healing powers.
  6. Black Tourmaline- This is regarded as the most protective stone. It is capable of protecting its owner from electromagnetic fields. To prevent damage from harmful EMF frequencies, it can be placed near electronic devices and gadgets. Additionally, it also protects people from negative energies and people in the workplace.
The chakra crystals are called so because they denote seven chakras of our body. These are the heart, throat, solar plexus, third eye, sacral, root, and crown. Each chakra can be stimulated by more than one crystal mentioned above.