Moonstone Crystals: Metaphysical Properties and Best Practices

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Moonstone Crystals

Moonstone is an ethereal gem composed of a variety of Orthoclase and Albite in the family of feldspar minerals. Moonstone is a luminous gemstone regarded as one of the most beautiful healing stones in many cultures. The pearly glow that moonstone’s aesthetic is highly regarded for is known as adularescence. This sheen moves under the surface of the stone and creates the appearance of glimmering moonlight in water – often creating a hypnotic effect.

Since ancient times, moonstone is known to have tangible connections to magic and the mystical properties of the moon. It is a goddess stone for many reasons, and it’s shine imposes love, wealth, victory, and wisdom upon its possessor.

A stone of inner clarity, psychic power, cyclical change with moon cycles, and a connection to the feminine, it is a symbol of light and hope.

Healing with Moonstone opens the door to happiness and good fortune. Some keywords associated with moonstone are: nurturing, divine feminine, mothering, unselfishness, humanitarianism, love, ancient wisdom, new beginnings, spiritual insight, higher guidance, wisdom, safe travel, and yin energy.

Physical Healing Properties

Very soothing. Known for its calming qualities on the emotional and mental body, it aids in healing, balancing and mastering past trauma and pain. It helps you identify negative emotional patterns or habits you may be self-imposing, assisting in lifting these along with their root causes.

It is said that moonstone brings protection for traveling at night, voyaging at sea, and during childbirth and pregnancy. Moonstone can balance the digestive and reproductive systems, enhance patience, and restore mental and emotional balance.

It helps your body and mind attune to the flow of the moon’s energy, and for this reason, can be helpful in stabilizing female cycles.

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Metaphysical Properties

Moonstone is associated with the crown, third eye, and solar plexus chakras. It is June’s birthstone; representing Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio zodiac signs. The element associated with moonstone is Water, and the number it vibrates to is the number 4. This stone incorporates intuition, renewal, love, and emotional balance all into one stone. Moonstone empowers its beholder and facilitates one in rediscovering their true and highest self. This can represent a new beginning or a realignment with one’s path and purpose.

Spiritual guidance is expanded and strengthened.

The Divine Feminine works through this stone to assist women in empowering their yin energy. It represents the triple goddess – maiden, mother, and crone to facilitate the transition between each stage of life.

Intuition is strengthened when near or wearing this stone, promoting clairvoyance and the balance of yin-yang in the brain.

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Types of Moonstone

Its typical colors are cream, yellow, blue, grey, peach/pink, and black. The various hues and shades each possess their own specific qualities.

Rainbow moonstone: helps deflect negativity and relieves emotional trauma and burdens. It connect you to the spirits and energies of nature.

Blue Moonstone: helps promote inner vision, focus, and mental clarity while in a meditative state of awareness. Especially helpful in seeing life lessons and emotional patterns. Balances yin/yang.

Peach Moonstone: Soothes worries and anxieties. Supports the heart and stimulates the mind. Can assist in celebrating the positive experiences in one’s life. Excellent for use by intuitive and sensitive people.

White Moonstone: Helps magnify your feelings and activate kundalini. Curbs sleep issues and nightmares. Enhances psychic vision.

Gray/Black Moonstone: Excellent for metaphysical pursuits of all kinds as it protects and opens your energy field to higher vibrations. Assists those who are emotionally sensitive. Creates a calm, serene atmosphere. Stabilizes rocky relationships and assists during teenage angst. Strengthens concentration.

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