Know The Basics Of Tarot

Tarot card readings are believed to have originated during the late 14th century and since then it has gone through many transitions. Even after centuries, tarot reading is still popular.

People rely on tarot readings for a variety of reasons although they have misconceptions about it. Some people think tarot readings can offer them an insight into the future, or some think it is similar to astrology.

Tarot does not tell you what your future would be, but it helps you find the guidance to move ahead. Tarot is different as astrology, but the two are very different both in methodology and outcomes. There are many other myths people have about Tarot reading.

As a beginner Tarot reader, being clear about the basics is helpful. Even the professional readers started off by solidifying the fundamentals of tarot. To start your journey in this divine path, we created some basics that may be helpful for you.

How To Find The Perfect Tarot Deck?

Being honest, there is no perfect Tarot Deck for everyone but a perfect deck for you . A tarot deck that works for one, may not work for the other. This is why there are so many different decks because each person resonates with a different deck.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of decks out there. Selecting the one for you is more of an intuitive and spiritual job. Go to a metaphysical store near you and browse through the many varieties of deck.

While browsing, keep in mind that cards that appeal the most to you, both in visual & emotional manner, is the deck best suited to you. Do not go for Tarot deck suggested by others, follow your inner voice.

Still, if you find yourself stuck in a dilemma, then you can go for Rider-Waite Tarot Deck. It is the most widely-known and accepted Tarot Deck around the world. This deck is a must-have for a beginner and even for the most seasoned professional.

Do not worry, you can always go to another deck when your intuition says so. If you select a tarot deck today then it does not mean you have to use it forever. As you grow, you’re going to explore more decks.

How Do Tarot Cards Work?

If you ask an experienced tarot reader, you will come to know that tarot reading is an intuitive process. Psychic abilities of the reader is the most important part of reading.

Intuition guides the way for readers, and let them draw conclusions from the cards.

To bust a myth, Tarot reading does not foretell your future, but alerts you about the transitions occurring near you.

Conclusions from a reading may tell you about some good or challenging happenings in your life, but refrain yourself from straining over bad news. You must be wondering why. Through difficulty usually comes growth and success. Mostly for the fact that Tarot reading is more of a spiritual guide and with every decision you make, you create a new path.

Tarot Cards

A conventional deck of tarot cards consist of 78 cards. Out of which 22 are Major Arcana cards & 56 Minor Arcana cards.

Each card depicts a different meaning. And following a regime like 3 Card Reading, will allow the reader’s spiritual guides to bestow upon you with the conclusions.

There are different visuals on different cards, and it is not necessary that the card’s visual will illustrate it’s true meaning. Even if a card of Death comes up, it is not even closely related to physical death but more related to the end of a difficult or traumatic phase.

Tarot Major Arcana

Major Arcana cards tell you about a big change or major event in your life. A Tarot deck consists of 22 Major Arcana cards, numbered from 0 to 21. Each card is individually named & illustrated with visuals.

They are also known as “Trump Cards” derived from “Triumphant” as they have the most symbolic & divine significance.

Tarot Minor Arcana

Minor Arcana cards outnumber Major Arcana cards, standing at 56 cards. They depict minor changes or happenings in your life reflecting day-to-day activities of your life.

They are divided into four suits – Cups, Swords, Wands & Pentacles, each having 14 cards. All 4 suits play a significant role in tarot reading and should be well understood before drawing conclusions.

To Sum It Up…

As a Tarot reader, it is very important to clear the fundamentals before you proceed to a new level. The most basic rule that you, a tarot reader, needs to know is that there are no rules. Allow your intuition & spiritual guides to lead the way as you help people understand their aura & happenings around them.