Healing Bracelets: How to Wear Crystal Bracelets for Healing and Balance

Besides adding a splash of color and vibrancy to your look, healing bracelets can offer profound support on your journey to mind/body wellness. Each type of crystal bracelets holds a unique healing frequency, and since we’re made up of energy too, using crystals with intention can be very therapeutic.

Healing Crystal Bracelets

The 3 Main Benefits of Wearing Crystal Bracelets: 

  1. You enjoy a direct connection to the healing crystal. 

Ancient civilizations knew that placing crystals close to the body or on the skin is the best method for receiving their healing energy. Wearing healing crystal bracelets on your wrist is a great way to ensure the crystals are in close contact with you and your unique frequency at all times.

  1. It’s a beautiful reminder of your intention.

If you’ve chosen a specific crystal to help you shift something in your energy or life, wearing healing bracelets is a reminder throughout the day of your efforts to heal yourself. That indication of self-love helps raise your vibration.   

  1. Your own innate healing abilities will be boosted.

Crystals work to balance our chakras (the energy centers of the body), so no matter which crystal bracelets you choose, they will support your own energy’s flow toward wellness. 

wearing healing bracelets

Where to Wear Your Healing Crystal Bracelets—The Left or Right Wrist?

Each side of your body features a specific direction of energy flow, so it’s good to know how your healing bracelets will support you in regards to their placement for increased benefit.

The left side of your body is where you take in energy from the outside world. Wearing crystal bracelets on this wrist can help you mitigate stress coming in to your body/mind/spirit or help shift something in your inner self. The right side of the body is about the energy you put out into the world. If you need help moving about your environment in a balanced way or want to release energy that no longer serves you, wear healing crystal bracelets on your right wrist.

How to Cleanse Your Healing Bracelets

Since crystals are sensitive to energy, it’s best to care for them by cleansing them occasionally to keep their energies clear. You can cleanse your healing bracelets after purchase and prior to wearing them, or after anyone else happens to touch them. 

Here are a few effective ways to cleanse your healing crystal bracelets:

Light a white sage bundle and blow out the flame, then pass your crystal bracelets through the smoke.

  • Rice

Submerge your healing bracelets into a bowl of uncooked rice, preferably brown, and leave overnight. Then throw out the rice when you’re done.

  • Full Moon 

Place your healing crystal bracelets under a full moon outside in good weather or on an inside windowsill overnight. Just remember to remove them from the sun in the morning.

Find Your Healing Bracelets at Crystalis

Wearing crystal bracelets is a great way to target healing for the body, mind, and soul. At Crystalis, you can shop bracelets by type of crystal or by your healing intention. You can even order custom healing bracelets featuring crystals of your choice, for a unique healing experience.
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