How To Meditate With Crystals

Meditate With Crystals

Our lives have become fast-paced, and you can see people working hard to achieve what they desire. While doing all this, people have to undergo a lot of stress, anxiety, and depression. While dealing with different things in our professional and personal lives, we may have to face many challenges. Sometimes, we are unable to find any solution. People get stuck with their work with no promotion in sight, maybe someone’s partner is not happy with them. At times, parents find that their kids are having difficulties, but they are unable to open up to them. If you have faced or are experiencing any negativities in your life, then need help to reduce the stress level in your life and bring back the positivity. There is a need to overcome all the negative approaches and gain the spiritual goals of life. Meditation is the key that can help you deal with different problems in your life in a calm manner. 

If you want to increase the effectiveness of your mediation, you can use different crystals that have unique energies. You can calm down and gain positive energy through the crystals. The use of crystals for meditation has a unique perspective. Humans connect differently with the minerals present in the world. The cosmic dust that created everything on this planet also lives within us. Therefore, using the crystals could help you enhance the power of meditation and energize yourself. So here is how you can meditate with crystals.

#1 You Need To Choose The Crystals With Which You Want To Meditate 

Choose crystal for meditation

The first and foremost thing that you need to ensure is to have a collection of crystals. You can research on the internet to know which type of crystals have a better effect while meditating. You can get help from professionals to know what kind of crystals would be beneficial for you while meditating. 

While choosing the crystals, you need to know what are your goals? What results are you expecting from the meditation? When you have clarity of the meditation agenda and complete research, it becomes easy to maximize the result of your meditation. Selecting the right crystals is important because it is essential that they resonate with your body’s energy. 

#2 Hold The Crystal While You Are Doing Your Meditation

If you want to build a connection with the crystals, embrace the technique of meditation. You can firmly hold the crystals in your hand, close your eyes and concentrate on the crystal. Keep the focus on inhalation and exhalation while you are meditating. After a few minutes of meditation, you may feel that your body is experiencing the changes through each breath. Every crystal will imbibe a different feeling in your body. You have the full opportunity to experiment with the powers and vibrations generated by the crystals.

#3 You Can Create A Crystal Grid While Meditating

Making a crystal grid while meditating helps you enhance the energy imparted by all the crystals you have used. You can consider it sacred as it will release vibrations that help calm you down and boost positive energy. While making the grid, you can even use a grid cloth. That will help you to enhance your spiritual powers through your meditation.

#4 You Can Add Crystals To An Altar While Meditating

If you have an at-home altar, you can use it to boost the energy that emits from the crystals. You can use the crystals with pointed designs. The points present on the crystals have a design to ensure that they can magnify the vibrations and energy while you are meditating. You can take a white paper, and write on it what you desire. Writing your thought and affirmations will help you concentrate better while meditating.

#5 You Can Wear The Crystals In The Form Of Jewelry

While meditating, if you want to reap the full benefits of the session, it is crucial that you are in contact with the crystals all the time. You can customize the crystals in the form of a pendant, ring, or bracelet and then wear it while you start your meditation session. You even have the provision to get a collection of different gemstones, keep it in your pocket or hand while you meditate

#6 Placing The Crystals On Specific Areas Of Your Body

place crystal on specific area of body

Your body has certain chakras that are responsible for generating and receiving energies. You can place the crystals on these chakra points in your body to ensure that the vibrations that are released, are being received in your body. It is one of the most effective ways to ensure that your meditation will give fruitful results. Your focus should be on the vibrations released by the chakras.


For meditation, you can get crystals from various online stores. One of the best online stores for getting precious stones—gemstones and crystals are Crystalis. We have a wide collection of meditation crystals, which you can use to improve the results of your meditation sessions. Also, ensure that you choose the right chakras for increasing the effectiveness of the crystal.