How to Choose Healing Crystals and Stones?

Crystals are natural rock formations and have a lustre, streak, luminosity and texture that goes together with it. Our forefathers valued the rocks for what they were, observing that they radiated, absorbed and reserved energy. Ancient civilizations got hooked on to these crystals, used it in medicines, rituals and divination.

The stones have a major role in our society to play and are ingrained in many technological products including Televisions, satellites, computers and watches. Their functions in the products include converting electrical impulses or are known for their optic properties. Their importance extends to cultural ceremonies and beauty products. Diamonds are considered very royal in engagement ceremonies signifying opulence.

Choosing crystals can be very painstaking with so many crystals available at various price points and each crystal asking for different prices across a bevy of crystal healers, you are spoilt for choice. Crystal healers often say that you don’t choose the crystal, the crystal chooses you. It is the selection process that’s considered salient in the crystal seeking process. If you plan on purchasing it from a metaphysical store selling gems, let your sensory organs prevail over the selection process. Feel the stones with eyes closed and run your fingers on the smoothness of the stones with each stone revelling in the heat generated and the unique shapes that invade your mind and are fascinating to touch.

Is your palm engrossed in heat build-up and what are the feelings confiding in you? Is a wave of tranquillity sweeping over you? Are you feeling nostalgic? Chose the stone that enchants your mind while tempting your soul.

Alternatively, if you decide to purchase the stones online, you better stick to the materials that these stones are inherently made up from and match its functions to your lucid imaginations and pick the best one that resembles your magical and dreamy realizations.

For instance, Rose Quartz is symbolic of love and harmony and rose quartz can be used for embracing new romance or squeezing oneself out of existing troubled relationships. Its soothing powers enable us to savor sweet romance and cherish intimacy.

Citrine’s golden hue resembles the sun’s warm heat rays and citrine’s energy is optimistic, creative and prosperous. It radiates your internal dreams when infused with sunlight and embodies the sun’s rays, transforming dreams into reality.

Black Tourmaline:

Black tourmaline is a ready reckoner for a human bodyguard when you cannot afford one and creates a strong shield of protection around you. It dispels all negative energies and strengthens you against the casting of evil aspersions.

Green Aventurine:

It is ideally meant for those seeking adventure in life and encourages vitality and a certain zest for life. It helps you negotiate obstacles which it views as a stepping stone to success and similarly as the adage fortune favors the brave, owning this stone will bring you providence of a different sort. It may help you to maneuver to and find an empty parking slot quite effortlessly or you may find some coins on the road, luckily. Thus it forebears good fortune. The color ranges from cloudy seafoam green to bright apple green. Green Aventurine has a sparkly quality to its appearance.

It can be placed in areas where spontaneous good luck is needed. It is a harbinger of joy and good camaraderie and shuns anger and stress.

The stones chose themselves, so they say and with so many persuasively attractive stones you can be sure that you will prosper in your higher thoughts, meditation, positive aura and many more authentic trysts with destiny.