[How To] Choose A Tarot Deck

The world of Tarot is spreading its horizon more every year. And every year, the number of people interested in Tarot is increasing too. With the fast increasing number, there are certain questions among beginner Tarot readers such as, “how should I decide on my first Tarot Deck?”

If you have the same question, then you are in for a treat. Because in this article we are going to target some of the most common questions new readers have about buying their first tarot deck & learn what the Tarot experts have to say.

Before explaining how you should choose a tarot deck, let’s first take a look at what the Tarot experts have to say about the two most common myths or questions that new Tarot readers have, this will also help you choose a deck.

Should You Buy Your First Tarot Deck?

New Tarot readers often hear people say that it’s bad luck to buy your first Tarot Deck or that someone should gift you your first deck.

But, after talking with Tarot expert, Cynthia we got a clear picture about this myth.“According to the beliefs of some people, new to Tarot reading, it is bad luck to get their first deck themselves instead of receiving it from someone else. But, this is just a misconception,” said Cynthia.

“If I would have waited for someone to gift me a tarot deck then I wouldn’t have journeyed this far, helping people along the way,” she said citing that she bought her first Tarot Deck.

Cynthia concluded her answer by saying, “Tarot deck is more of a personal thing, an intuitive connection with them is important. So, people should check Tarot decks, in-person, before buying them and if your friends/family gifts you one, then it’s good too.”

Does It Matter What Kind Of Tarot Deck You Use?

To answer another common question new readers have about Tarot decks, we asked Jeff, a Tarot expert who reads with multiple decks just like his teacher.

“It really doesn’t matter,” Jeff said. “Tarot Decks are just a medium that helps the reader to use his spiritual guides and intuitions to guide people.”

“What Tarot readers should really focus on is how well they can know their deck. If you can connect with a Rider-Waite Tarot Deck then you should go for it, or if Wild Unknown feels good then opt for it”

“It’s more about the connection with the deck than it is about which deck is better,” he said. “From my years of experience, I would advise the readers to thoroughly go through different decks until you find the one that you feel more connected to.”

What You Should Look For In A Tarot Deck!

After talking with the two Tarot experts, Cynthia & Jeff, we have curated a list of things that you should look for in a Tarot Deck.

  1. Intuitive Connection
  2. Thoroughly go through different kinds of decks and look for a personal & intuitive connection. Or in simple terms, find a deck that appeals the most to you for example, the one you can easily interpret by just looking at the visuals.

  3. Little White Book
  4. If you’re a newbie then buying a Tarot deck that comes with a Little White Book is a great idea. This book will help you understand the cards, and interpret the basic messages.

  5. Check For Quality
  6. Tarot cards help you with divination to clear the doubts rising in the minds of people. For that reason, it is utterly important that your Tarot cards should sustain for years.

    For this to happen, the Tarot cards should be of the best quality. So, check for the thickness, and sustainable cards that will not wither quickly.


Each Tarot reader has a distinct personality & a distinct way of seeing things. The same philosophy is followed for choosing a tarot deck too. As the two Tarot experts have said, always follow your instincts & intuitions to choose a deck.