How to Charge Your Crystals

Crystals exist alongside us, and just like humans, an overused crystal can grow chaotic, dull, and “confused.” The more we use them, the more their energies become muddled and dampened, and because of this, charging our crystals is incredibly important. By charging our crystals, we allow them to become re-energized, thus increasing their power and vitality.

The healing and positive effects of a charged crystal will always be more powerful than those of one that hasn’t been charged in a while. If you’ve never charged a crystal before, however, the process can seem confusing. It shouldn’t be; crystals want to support us, just as we want to be supported, and there are a number of simple but effective methods that you can use to charge your crystals. We’ll examine a few of the best methods below, and discuss when and how to use them.

It’s important to note that charging your crystals is not the same as “cleansing” them, though some people use the terms interchangeably, as some of the methods below work for both processes. Cleansing crystals is the process of removing negative energies, while charging is the process of adding and restoring energy.

How Should You Charge Your Crystals?

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Sunlight: one of the most common ways of charging crystals is by letting them sit under the rays of the sun. Sunlight offers a strong, masculine energy that can revitalize your crystals quickly and effectively. Place your crystals in a location that receives direct sunlight, and let your crystals sit in the sun for 30-60 minutes. Then bring your crystals back indoors to rest.

Sunlight is powerful and can charge crystals quickly, but because of its strength, crystals should only be left in direct sunlight to charge for a comparatively short period of time. Some crystals can fade in color with too much exposure.


Moonlight: moonlight might be gentle where sunlight is unyielding, but charging your crystals in the moonlight is no less effective than placing them in the sun. Lay your crystals outdoors on a clear night, preferably in a location that will receive direct moonlight.

Moonlight tends to work particularly well for healing crystals, or those that can facilitate changes, transitions, and periods of liminality, like amethyst or rose quartz. While any phase of the moon can work to charge crystals, waxing moons and full moons tend to provide your crystals with the most energy.


Water: just as humans and animals use water for rejuvenation, so do crystals. Immersing your crystals in any body of water—even tap water—can have a slow but powerful effect on them, both for cleansing and for charging. Place your crystals in water and leave them submerged for several hours, and ideally overnight.

The water will work to cleanse your crystals of impurities while simultaneously recharging them. Ocean water is preferred—salt in and of itself is also a fantastic tool for charging crystals—but if you don’t have access to the seaside, freshwater (such as that found in a pond or stream) or even tap water mixed with sea salt can still give your crystals a power-up. Make sure to hold onto the crystals near bodies of water as they can become slippery. 

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Earth: all crystals come from the earth, and because of that, the earth itself is one of the most powerful ways of charging them. Bury your crystals in the soil, making sure that the hole is at least a handful of inches deep. Make sure to mark the location; it can be helpful to choose a place that has meaning for you, or to carefully note the exact place of burial.

This method is strong, but it can also take the most time; our earth moves slowly, and the healing and energy it provides can move just as slowly. Charging your crystal using the earth can take weeks, months, or longer. We tend to recommend this method most for crystals that have been heavily polluted, or those that have been used for so long that they now seem fragile. Return the crystal to the earth, and allow it ample time to fill up with energy once more.

Other Crystals: some crystal clusters, such as rose quartz or amethyst, naturally release energy onto their surroundings. This makes them especially well-suited to charging other crystals. You can place the crystal you would like to charge either on top of an individual cluster, or you can arrange a group of crystal clusters into a circle and then place the crystal to be charged in the middle. Many practitioners leave their crystals to charge for exactly seven hours, but you can also leave your crystal overnight, or while you’re at work.

How Often Should You Charge Your Crystals?

The frequency with which you charge your crystals depends entirely on how often you use them, and in what manner. If you use a crystal daily, or if you’ve used it during an emotionally intense period of your life, you may want to charge it more frequently—perhaps even up to once or twice a week. If you use a crystal more rarely (perhaps only a few times a month), you may only need to charge it once every few months. Ultimately, the individual crystal will let you know once it’s time to be charged. If you hold it in your hands and feel as if its energy has dimmed or drained, it’s likely time for an energy renewal.

Let Crystalis Help You Change Your Life

Crystals can have a profound impact on everything from your mental health to your overall quality of life, and charging your crystals effectively is just one method of increasing that impact. Let Crystalis help you; feel free to browse our selection of crystals online, or visit us in-person at our store in the Washington DC metro area; we’re positive that you’ll find something to help improve your life!