How to Buy Sage Online 24/7

Searching for “sage near me?” You’re not alone. 

More and more people are hearing about the mental, physical, and spiritual benefits (as well as the simple aromatic pleasures) of smudging and burning sage. Although you don’t need much in terms of equipment or information before giving sage a try, you may be encountering problems finding good sage products in your area. Conversely, you may be a devoted sage user looking to comparison shop for better prices or improved quality.

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No matter who you are, simply searching online for “sage near me” may not give you the results you are looking for. And sourcing good sage sticks and related products locally might be difficult or impossible depending on where you live.

Thanks to, however, you can always find high-quality “sage” at a great price. For over 30+ years, Crystalis Treasures has been one of the original spiritual shops in the United States.

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Sage: The Benefits of Sage Burning and Smudging

Smudge sticks are composed of sage, an aromatic plant that humans have been using for millennia to serve a wide range used for ritualistic, medicinal, wellness, and culinary purposes. Today, people are increasingly turning to sage burning and smudging as a way to cope with the ongoing stresses of modern life.

If you’ve ever burnt sage in your home or another inside space, you know that it produces much more than a mere scent. As it fills the air with its heavy presence, you can easily see why Native Americans have used sage in their indigenous rituals for thousands of years.

Waft fragrant sage smoke throughout your home to clear it of negative energy while keeping positive energy inside. Following in the Native American tradition, you can reap countless benefits as your balanced living space boosts your energy level, improves your mood, and delivers countless other benefits to mind, body, and soul.

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Sage: The Basic Sage Burning Process

Although burning sage is far from rocket science, it is important to understand the routines and processes that Native Americans and people from a wide range of cultural backgrounds have long used to burn sage safely, successfully, and effectively.

First of all, you will need a smudge stick or a bundle of sage as well as a source of fire to light it and a bowl to keep it in. This bowl may be made of ceramic, clay, glass, or another fire-safe material. You may also want to secure a feather or small hand fan to better control the smoke as it wafts throughout the room.

Light the sage bundle at the extreme front tips of its leaves. After they ignite, gently blow them out. Leave the sage smoldering and emit a slight plume of smoke. Using smooth movements, walk the sage bundle around the room, taking care not to wave or fan it too excessively. When you are done, use the bundle to contain and, ultimately, extinguish the sage bundle.

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