How Do Healing Bracelets Work?

Wearing beautiful healing bracelets that help your well-being may seem like something magical, but that’s only because everything comes down to energy, which we can’t necessarily see with our physical eyes. Energy has everything to do with our mind/body/spirit balance.

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How healing bracelets work: it’s all about energy and vibration

Since healing crystals are minerals or fossilized resins that come from the earth, they carry certain aspects of the earth’s energy. Because we humans are made of energy as well, the vibrations specific to each crystal on our healing bracelets interact with our own energy field, helping to bring us into balance. So you can imagine the effect crystals have if you are wearing healing crystal bracelets on your wrists all day long! 

For example, an amethyst bracelet will help open your intuition; black tourmaline healing bracelets will protect from negative energy; and blue topaz bracelets can attract in love, peace, and joy. 


Important tips to keep in mind in order for your healing bracelets to work their best


You always want to make sure you’re working with crystals that are genuine, of the best quality, and originate from high-energy locations. At Crystalis, we are very knowledgeable about what properties healing bracelets offer and how to source the best crystals for you. While it’s important to trust in the energy of your crystal healing bracelets, we know you have to trust us first.


Before shopping for crystal healing bracelets, think about what you’d like support with. Is it balancing your chakras in order to feel whole and centered, or do you want to protect yourself from the energy of those around you? You may want healing crystals to help you feel grounded and calm enough to meditate, or maybe you want to manifest love or wealth. Setting an intention for a specific aspect of wellness and balance will help you choose the healing bracelets whose vibrations will benefit you the most.


Since healing bracelets can pick up energy as the crystals vibrate, it’s best to clear and cleanse them after purchasing them, as well as on a regular basis—especially if someone else tries on your bracelet. You can simply rinse your healing crystal bracelets under cold water for two minutes, leave them in the moonlight overnight, or submerge them in a bowl of rice to recharge their vibration.


The intention you choose will determine how you’ll wear your healing bracelets. The left side of the body is about healing the balance within, as well as attracting energy in. The right side releases energy and affects the energy you radiate to others. If you want your healing crystal bracelets to help you feel calm and relaxed and sleep well, wear them to bed. If you have more than one intention, you can stack your bracelets or order a custom power bracelet featuring healing crystals of your choice.

Find the perfect healing bracelets for you

Now you know the basics and can start working with the energy of healing bracelets! We make it easy to choose the ones that are perfect for you—shop for crystals online now to take the first step on your beautiful journey with healing crystals.