Healing crystals can provide a wide range of benefits for your body,mind, and spirit. They promote the flow of positive energy and can help your body get rid of negative energy, leading to dramatic physical, emotional, mental and spiritual improvements.

In this guide, we take a closer look at the power of these crystals, what they offer and the numerous ways they can be used, whether in your everyday life, for chakra, yoga, meditation, anxiety relief, treatment and more.


Why These Crystals are on the Rise

Over the past few years, studies have shown that more Americans than ever before are taking a holistic approach to medicine and trying alternative methods for healing the mind and body. In the process, interest has surged in practices like chakra healing, resulting in an extremely high demand for healing crystals.

Even though it is still important to listen to a doctor’s treatment advice for medical issues, it is also important to take a well-rounded approach to health and wellness — and healing crystals can play an integral role in that treatment plan.

Natural Beauty with Endless Benefits for Mind & Body

Perhap you’ve discovered healing crystals by seeing people wear them as beautiful jewelry or putting them on display in their homes. While it is true that they offer a unique beauty, crystal healing can provide numerous other benefits for your mind, body, and spirit.

In many ancient traditions, crystals were used in medical and spiritual practices. Many philosophies are borrowed from Buddhism, Hinduism, and numerous other ancient sciences and arts. In addition to being drawn to their colors and beauty, it is important to understand that the true healing power of these crystals comes from the impact they have on your mind and wellness. So beyond the sheer appearance, you’ll want to take a closer look at these crystals’ identities and their potential benefits.

What are Some of the Most Powerful Healing Crystals & Stones?

There are many types of crystals, and they all work differently.

Below, you’ll find a short list of some of the most popular crystals & stones used for crystal healing and chakra alignments.

Keep in mind that the term “crystals” and “stones” are often used generally however, what we call crystals are known to geologists as rocks, minerals, and tektites. But don’t let the terms slow you down. The important thing is to explore the specific benefits and types of energy that each stone delivers.

Here are some commonly used crystals to explore for chakra & healing:

Clear Quartz Crystals

It is said that clear quartz crystals are the “amplifier” These crystals can help to amplify the energies of a person or even other crystals. They can be “programmed” to set an intention and as such they can be useful in healing, manifesting, and providing strength to other crystal properties.

In addition, many of our customers have said they use quartz as a natural treatment for improving concentration and clarity of mind. This makes clear quartz one of the most popular and versatile stones.

Rose Quartz Crystals

Many people tie rose quartz crystals to love (or the heart). Aside from its natural beauty, it is said that the rose quartz crystals can help to bring out feelings from the heart, restoring harmony and trust in your personal relationships with others. This can result in positive effects on friendships, relationships with family members, and romantic relationships. It has also been said that rose quartz crystals are able to help calm people during instances of grief and promote feelings of compassion.

In addition to its outward effects on the heart of someone (or multiple people) in your life, rose quartz crystals can also help encourage respect, trust, love and feelings of confidence in yourself. For those who are looking to improve their connections not only with others but also with themselves, rose quartz crystals can be extremely beneficial.


Amethyst is known for its beautiful, deep purple hue. At the same time, it also has a number of powerful healing properties as a crystal. It is said to be purifying, protective and an activator for invigorating energy. Many people rely on the amethyst crystal to help them get rid of negative vibes and expunge negative thoughts from their minds, bringing forth a sense of wisdom, protection, sincerity and humility. In addition to blocking negative energy, another common use of the amethyst healing crystal has to do with sobriety. There are countless people who suffer from addiction of numerous types. The amethyst crystal has been shown to help people work toward maintaining their sobriety and fighting addiction. Finally, many of our customers have said they also use the amethyst crystal to help them sleep restfully at night. For those who have said they have problems controlling their dreams, the amethyst crystal can help to purify thoughts, leading to more peaceful, restful rejuvenation at night.


These sweet, smooth crystals are said to be supreme nurturers. It is said that these crystals are a powerful treatment for empowering the spirit, encouraging positive energy and supporting emotions, particularly during the more stressful times of your life.

These crystals can help strengthen a person’s courage in times of difficulty. It can also act as a protection stone against negative energy or bad luck. It is the stone of comfort and support and is excellent for use in times of change, turmoil, or high emotions.


Moonstone is known for new beginnings. It is said that moonstone can work to encourage inner growth, strength and motivational energy. There are countless customers who have said they rely on moonstone to help them soothe uneasy feelings, helping them control thoughts of instability and stress in the mind.

It is also said that moonstone can help to promote positive energy, inspiration and intuition.



Possibly the most powerful healing stone, bloodstone (or sometimes written as “blood stone”) is said to help cleanse the blood itself. By taking bad environmental energies and withdrawing them from the blood vessels themselves, this stone is used to improve circulation throughout the body.

Furthermore, blood stone is also used to encourage feelings of selflessness and idealism, helping people reach for the stars while also living in the current moment. Finally, many people also use this stone to encourage creativity by getting rid of feelings of impatience and irritability. This is why blood stone is considered one of the most powerful crystals.


Often seen as the partner of sapphire, ruby is a deep, red, beautiful stone. This stone is said to restore vitality and promote high energy levels (for good vibes, not excessive or anxious energy). Furthermore, the ruby tone is also closely tied to both intellect and sensuality. It has been said that the ruby stone can help people explore their energy on a deeper level, increasing feelings of self-awareness and helping them reach their inner truth.

Furthermore, many cultures relied on the ruby stone to help them remove toxins from the blood, in addition to its effects on energy levels. Therefore, many people believe that a ruby stone can help them heal their circulatory systems.

Black Tourmaline

This is one of the most protective stones for crystal healing. It has been said that black tourmaline stones form a shield against emotional and physical negativity. As a result, this stone can help to provide clarity in the mind and maintain good vibes.

Black tourmaline stones have benefits for the physical body as well. Just as the stone absorbs negative energy, it has also been said to absorb pain from the body. Many use it for relief of back pain, muscle cramps or even symptoms of indigestion. If you’re looking for the most protective stone out there, black tourmaline is a great option.


Labradorite is often referred to as the stone of “transformation and transition.” The energy it provides can help to provide purpose in your life and put you back on the right path.

People use labradorite to clear and balance the aura, deflecting unwanted energies and preventing energy leakage.

Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal

If you are looking to bring wonder, wellness, joy and enthusiasm to every part of your life, then Citrine could be the answer. Citrine has been said to help get rid of negative characteristics and traits from your environment. For example, Citrine can help you promote inner clarity, warmth and optimism while keeping anger, fear and dread at bay.

Furthermore, many of our customers have said they use Citrine to enhance their self-image and mindfulness. It can also help you with your focus, concentration and creativity, making Citrine one of the most well-rounded crystals available.



This is a beautiful, blue crystal that will lure you in with its beneficial healing powers. Targeting the mind, body and soul, this is a powerful option that is said to operate much like a good luck charm, bringing the energy of good fortune to your life.

Of course, it can help you balance your emotions as well, providing you with the spiritual grounding that you need in your life. Turquoise is also said to help skeletal, respiratory and immune systems. For these reasons, some people decide to pair the turquoise crystal with some of the other options on this list, allowing them to improve not only their physical health but their mind and spiritual health as well.



Amber stones are sometimes referred to as “rays of sunshine” for the mind. Stones and crystals made from amber can help to calm nerves and turn negative energy into positive energy for self-healing.

The Tiger’s Eye Crystal

If you are looking for help with motivation or power, then the Tiger’s Eye could be the answer for you. This is a beautiful golden stone that will instantly grab your eye. This crystal is often used to help get rid of self-doubt, anxiety and fear, providing you with the motivation and high confidence you need to take that next big step. In this manner, many people decide to wear the Tiger’s Eye stone when they are applying for a new job or starting a new phase in their life.

The Tiger’s Eye crystal has also been said to help clarify your decision-making. By keeping you grounded, this crystal will help you maintain harmony and balance in your life. That way, you can focus on the future decisions you have to make, ensuring you make the right decision.

Below you’ll find some popular crystals and other products for healing, but be sure to check our website for current product availability.

Which Crystals are Right for You?

Clear Quartz Crystals

Best for: Amplify Energies

Benefits and properties:

  • Help to amplify the energies of a person
  • Useful in healing
  • Provide strength to other crystal properties
  • Improve concentration
  • Clarity of mind
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Rose Quartz Crystals

Best for: Love

Benefits and properties:

  • Help to bring out feelings from the heart
  • Bring harmony & trust in relationships
  • Positive effect on romantic relationships
  • Help people calm
  • Help encourage respect, trust, love, and confidence


Best for: Supreme Nurturers

Benefits and properties:

  • Powerful treatment for empowering the spirit,
  • Encouraging positive energy
  • Stay away stress
  • Help strengthen a person’s courage
  • Protection against negative energy or bad luck


Best for: Healing

Benefits and properties:

  • Use to purify, protect and an activate invigorating energy
  • Help to get rid of negative vibes and thoughts
  • Use for protection, sincerity and humility
  • Help them sleep restfully at night
  • Help to purify thoughts


Best for: Strength & Motivation

Benefits and properties:

  • Encouraging inner growth, strength and motivational energy
  • Help soothe uneasy feelings
  • Help to promote positive energy, inspiration and intuition


Best for: Healing

Benefits and properties:

  • Most powerful healing stone
  • Help cleanse the blood
  • Used to improve circulation throughout the body
  • Used to encourage feelings of selflessness and idealism
  • Use to encourage creativity
Ruby Tumbled Stone


Best for: Restoring Vitality

Benefits and properties:

  • Use to restore vitality
  • Promote high energy levels
  • Used to help people explore their energy on a deeper level
  • Used to increase feelings of self-awareness
  • Help you to reach inner truth
  • Help remove toxins from the blood
  • Help them heal their circulatory systems
Black Tourmaline Raw Stone

Black Tourmaline

Best for: Shield Against Negativity

Benefits and properties:

  • Help to provide clarity in the mind and maintain good vibes
  • Use to absorb pain from the body
  • Best to relief of back pain, muscle cramps or even symptoms of indigestion
Labradorite Tumbled Stone


Best for: Strength & Motivation

Benefits and properties:

  • Help to provide purpose in your life and put you back on the right path
  • Use to clear and balance the aura
  • Deflecting unwanted energies
  • Preventing energy leakage.
Citrine Crystal

Citrine Crystal

Best for: Wellness & Joy

Benefits and properties:

  • Bring wonder, wellness, joy and enthusiasm
  • Help get rid of negative characteristics and traits from your environment
  • Help you promote inner clarity, warmth and optimism
  • Use to enhance their self-image and mindfulness
  • Help you with your focus, concentration and creativity


Best for: Healing 

Benefits and properties:

  • Good luck charm
  • Bringing the energy of good fortune to your life
  • Help you balance your emotions
  • Help skeletal, respiratory and immune systems
  • Help to improve mind and spiritual health


Best for: Calming

Benefits and properties:

  • Help to calm nerves and turn negative energy into positive energy
Tigers Eye Tumbled Stone

Tiger’s Eye Crystal

Best for: Motivation or Power

Benefits and properties:

  • Help with motivation or power
  • Used to help get rid of self-doubt, anxiety and fear
  • Best in applying for a new job or starting a new phase in their life
  • Help clarify your decision-making
  • Help you maintain harmony and balance in your life

Where Do They Come From?

Crystals and stones used for healing come from countries around the world. Madagascar, for example, has become one of the world’s largest producers of rose quartz, amethyst, tourmaline, citrine, labradorite, carnelian and others. That’s because the landscape of Madagascar has a naturally high volume of these crystals and stones.

Rhodozite is another example of a stone that is primarily from Madagascar. At Crystalis, we offer a wide range of rhodonite bracelets and other jewelry made from stones that have been mined in Madagascar. But this is just one of many sources for crystals and stones across the globe.

How To Select the Right Stones for Wellness

There are lots of options when it comes to healing crystals. How can you choose the right one for your needs?

Here are some steps to consider as you begin your journey:


Figure out what you are missing in your life. For example, are you having trouble falling asleep at night? Or, are you having trouble focusing on the task at hand? Perhaps you are having issues with relationships with loved ones in your life?



Next, address these issues by finding the right healing crystal to meet your needs. While this list has a number of options, it is far from complete. There are plenty of other crystals out there, and you should select your healing crystal based on what you need in your life.



When you narrow down your crystals or stones to a few options, it is time to use your intuition. Sometimes, people sense a physical pull to one crystal or another. Trust your instincts and do not ignore this. This is the universe telling your subconscious that there is a healing crystal that can help you.

Once you find the right healing crystal or stone, make sure that you use it or wear it on a regular basis. This will help you build the spiritual connection that you need to get the most out of your crystals.

How To Take Care of Your Healing Crystal

Cleansing with Water

In order to get the most out of your crystals or stones, you need to care for them properly. Water is an important part of the cleansing process, whether you’ve just purchased a stone or have been using it for a while already.

Why cleanse with water? As you travel with your crystals or interact with others, it is possible to pick up negativity along the way. Water is needed to remove the bad energy from the crystal and reactivate its healing power:

Hold the crystal under cold, running water straight from the tap.

When feasible, hold the crystal under a source of natural water.

Try to make sure the water is relatively cool.

You can also add some sea salt to the water to increase its ability to extract negative energies from your crystals. Also, consider burning some sage to remove any negative energy from the air. Finally, consider leaving the healing crystal out to dry under a full moon or in the bright light of the morning sun. As the light filters through the crystal, this will also remove negative energy from it.

Setting the Right Expectations

In addition to physical care, you need to care for the crystal mentally as well. In order for crystals and stones to be effective, you need to focus on the healing crystal itself. Removing all skepticism surrounding the power of the healing crystal is crucial for expunging negative energy from it. It is important for you to respect the abilities of the crystal in order to experience the benefits on a deep, almost spiritual level.

How To Use Your Healing Crystal

Of course, the primary benefit of wearing these crystals (at home, at work or everywhere you go) is that they provide you with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. At the same time, they’re also incredibly beautiful and can add beauty to your home or your fashion.

Therefore, many people like to turn their crystals into accessories. These include jewelry, home decorations and other creative arts and crafts projects.

While everyone is different, here are some of the ways that people use their crystals:

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Hold Your Healing Crystal

To start, you can simply hold your crystals in your hand or against your body. You can go to sleep with it in your hand at night, keep it in your pocket throughout the work day, hold it to your heart or take meditation breaks with it during your daily routine. Holding your healing crystal is a great place to start – whether simply in your hand, against your heart or other areas of your body. At night, if you are worried about rolling over onto your healing crystal, simply rest it on your nightstand. 

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Earrings, Jewelry & Fashion

Lots of people like to wear their healing crystals as earrings and other fashion accessories for other parts of the body. These crystals are typically very light, so they can be attached to hoop earrings, worn as studs, bracelets and more. Some people like to wear multiple crystals on their body at once. 

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Prayer Beads

When you decide to turn your crystals into prayer beads, the goal is usually to wear them against the heart. By wearing the prayer beads against the heart, they can provide a constant flow of positive feelings, peace, courage and hope, whether you’re at home or at work. These prayer beads are a great way for everyone to enjoy the spiritual healing power of crystals. 

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Crystal Pouches

If you would like to take advantage of multiple crystals at once, you can even use specialized crystal pouches. These pouches are filled with crystals that are tailored to meet various needs, such as those who are looking for more emotional balance. Crystal pouches can be used to address issues such as fertility, focus, depression and more. In our online shop, you can even customize your crystal pouches to meet your unique needs.


Crystal healing can be a great tool for opening your chakra points and bringing positive energy back into your mind, body and life. 

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leopard jasper


-Emotional Healing

Rhodonite Tumbled Stone





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The examples above are only a few of the ways that many people incorporate crystals into their lives. We encourage you to read our blog for more information on the various types of crystals and how to start your own crystal healing journey.

Our site offers a trove of invaluable resources and information you won’t find at shops like Goop. Goop is more of a beauty / fashion shop, not a resource for healing and wellness. Whereas Goop was started by Gweneth Paltrow, Crystalis is operated by knowledgeable, friendly experts who are here to guide you along your healing journey.

In the end, the ways you use your crystals are a personal decision, whether you shop Crystalis or fashion sites like Goop. The important thing is developing a strong connection with your crystal and letting it become a powerful guide in your life, so you can maximize the healing benefits. Don’t hesitate to try multiple options from our shop, as you may find that one is more effective for you than the others. We’re here to guide you at every step.

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