8 Healing Crystals with Surprising Benefits

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Are you looking for a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual boost? Are you looking for a natural treatment with no adverse side effects? If so, healing crystals may be just right for you.

Healing crystals are more powerful than many people realize. Even those who know about their power may be surprised to learn of some of their amazing benefits. While you can buy healing crystals of many different types, this post explores eight with unique healing and other emotional advantages. 

Are You Familiar with these Healing Crystals?

Amethyst Healing Crystals

Amethyst has protective, healing and purifying properties that affect both your mind and physical body. If you want to rid your mind of negative thoughts, this is the stone for you. If you are trying to get rid of stress in your life, amethyst can boost your efforts. The fact that it brings out humility and sincerity is a plus if you want to bring peace and harmony into your home.

Amethyst is also the healing crystal of choice if you need help becoming or remaining sober. Furthermore, it combats insomnia and can even help you understand your dreams.

Black Obsidian

Obsidian ranges in color from dark brown to black, and all obsidian stones offer great health benefits. However, the most powerful benefits come from the black stones. When you buy healing crystals, make sure your obsidian is as dark as possible.

Black obsidian shields both your mind and body from negativity. On a physical level, this crystal detoxifies your body and keeps your digestive system running smoothly. On a mental level, it helps you think clearly by getting rid of blockages that would make it hard for you to make good decisions.

Moldavite Natural Crystals

Moldavite is considered one of strongest healing crystals, due to its intense frequency and vibration properties. It facilitates direct interdimensional interconnectedness between your consciousness and the higher realms. 

Moldavite is known as a strong protective stone, while also supporting one’s spiritual journey and helping you to discover purpose and direction in your life.


Fluorite is often referred to as the “Stone of Discernment and Aptitude.” It can help to eliminates stress and negativity, while also bringing order to chaos and balancing relationships. 

Many find that fluorite is especially advantageous in the workplace, keeping negativity at a distance and bringing focus to a distracted mind (great for those with ADHD or difficulty staying on task).


Jasper has been called the “supreme nurturer” but that doesn’t mean this crystal is docile and calm. While it helps to eliminate stress, it also empowers a person to deal with challenges in a wise, courageous, efficient manner. Jasper can also protect you from absorbing negative vibes.


Bloodstone, as the name may imply, is great for your blood and circulatory system. It improves circulation and cleanses your blood from impurities. Furthermore, it helps you live in the present without worrying about the future. It can also boost idealism and creativity while suppressing negative emotions such as irritability and aggressiveness.


Citrine brings joy and an optimistic outlook into your life. It is also known as a stone of abundance, helping to attract success and prosperity in your life. At the same time, it provides clarity, balance and can also help you stay motivated to reach your dreams. However, one of its greatest powers is its ability to boost the energy of any other crystal it is paired with.

Tiger’s Eye 

Anyone who needs to make difficult decisions or enhance focus should have some Tiger’s eye handy. It eliminates fear and self-doubt while bringing in clarity, harmony and balance. It’s a grounding stone that is often used for increasing focus at school or work. On a physical level, Tiger’s eye clears congestion and promotes the healing of broken bones, spinal problems and neck problems.

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