Beginner’s Guide to Using Healing Crystals

healing crystals

Crystals are said to have the ability to channel healing energy from nature when used correctly. Specifically, healing crystals are presumed to release positive energy that uplifts, calms, and revitalizes one’s physical state of being. Every crystal is unique and brings out a different effect on the human body and mind. 

In the same way, human bodies are also unique – we are ever-changing, electromagnetic organisms. Our spiritual, mental, and emotional energies are constantly flowing through. Crystals help guide and shape our energy to a better place.

Listed below are some examples of healing crystals and their spiritual and physical benefits. Read more and discover what healing crystals can do for you. 

Different Types of Healing Crystals 

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Rose quartz

Rose quartz has a stunning pink shade that speaks love and harmony. According to experts, Rose quartz helps revive the balance and trust in relationships. It’s also known to help provide comfort and rest to those who are grieving. If you are looking for a crystal that will encourage love, respect, trust, and improve relationships, rose quartz is the one for you. 

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 Clear quartz

Clear quartz comes in a bewildering clear appearance. It’s also known as the “master healing crystal” as it can boost energy and keep your concentration and memory unimpaired. It also helps stimulate the immune system and keep your balance. If you want a healing crystal that you can pair with rose quartz, this is ideal for you. It is said that these two are the perfect duo, as clear quartz increases the healing abilities of rose quartz.

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Jasper has a smooth surface that is said to help alleviate stress and allow the spirit to support you in difficult times. Experts say that Jasper can protect you by absorbing negative energy around you while also cultivating a more comfortable feeling that stimulates a presence of mind and confidence. If this is what you are hoping to find, Jasper may be the perfect healing crystal for you. This tumbled stone is known to help you nurture yourself. 


If you are interested in healing crystals that bring out, positivity, enthusiasm, joy, abundance, and wonder, Citrine may be the one you are looking for. This healing crystal is known to help you with your fear and other negative qualities and spur positive thinking, motivation, concentration, creativity, and a clear mind. Don’t you think this crystal might be perfect? 


Are you interested in a healing crystal that is said to protect you against emotional and physical negativity? Obsidian crystal is known to help you to stay away from these bad traits. Instead, it promotes the spirit of strength, clear-mindedness, and kindness towards yourself. For its physical benefits – it helps in pain management, indigestion, and detoxification. 

Tiger’s eye

Also known as the golden stone, Tiger’s eye has power and motivation-boosting abilities. It’s also ideal for relieving your mind and body from fears, anxiety, and constant stress. This healing crystal will help you make conscious decisions by grounding you while also bringing out harmony and balance within you. 


Turquoise has a mesmerizing blue hue that screams good luck. Aside from that, it is known to have helped in healing the mind, body, and soul. This healing crystal possesses the ability to bring balance to your emotions, repairing your physical predicament, providing benefits to numerous systems in your body. Great to protect you while travelling. 


Purple in color, Amethyst stones are incredible channels of protection, healing, and purification. It promotes a bunch of positive qualities such as sincerity, humility, wisdom. Amethyst is also believed to help in improving the quality of sleep, boosting one’s hormone production, pain and stress relief, and blood cleansing. 


Sapphire is for wisdom, royalty, prosperity, peace, and happiness. It’s good for attracting wealth, peace, beauty, and intuition. Claims say that this healing crystal can mitigate depression, anxiety, insomnia, as well as help you with your eye problems, normalize cellular levels and blood disorders. 


Known for its stunning red color, Ruby is associated with vitality, sensuality, sex, and intellect. Rubies go way hundreds of years back and it has been used to help remove blood toxins to improve circulatory health. 


This healing crystal is believed to encourage inner growth and strength and relieve stress and any negative thoughts. Moonstone increases the chance of having a more positive mind. Also know to balance female emotions, pms symptoms, and encourage a healthy pregnancy. 


As a healing stone, Bloodstone is known to have powerful healing abilities that drive off bad environmental energies. This crystal lives up to its name by promoting a positive mindset, creativity, and other positive traits. 

Get started

Healing crystals may not have scientific grounds to back them up but so many people stand by their personal experiences. It only takes an open mind to obtain the positive qualities and good energy of these wonderful creations. It won’t hurt to give it a try, and who knows what these healing stones can offer. Care to find out?