Discover How a Crystal Bracelet Can Provide Healing, Positive Energy & More

Alternative medicine has become increasingly popular in the United States, as individuals of all ages and walks of life turn from invasive medical treatments (with inevitable side effects) to effective yet natural cures for common ailments and mental blockages.


The Role of Bracelets & Jewelry for Healing, Energy & Chakra

Healing bracelets (sometimes referred to as “energy bracelets”) play an important role in alternative medicine. Many view that rocks, gemstones and crystals have healing power that not only helps to cure ailments but also prevents mental and physical health problems in the first place. As an added benefit, bracelets are available in a wide range of sizes and styles to make it easy to find the perfect one for your needs and tastes.

New to Energy Healing? Chakra Expert?

If you’re new to buying bracelets for healing or energy bracelets, this guide will help you understand what they are, how they work and how to select the bracelet that best meets your needs. However, this guide is not just for newbies …

Even those who have been using energy bracelets for some time can benefit from the additional insight into how to best harness the healing power of rocks and crystals for your personal situation, whether you’re buying a bracelet, necklace, or other gemstone jewelry.

What Sets Healing Bracelets Apart from Conventional Bracelets?

Not All Beads are Made Equal. With these Crystal Bracelets, It’s All About the Energy.

Gems, rocks and crystals have been used in bracelets for millennia. A quick look at any Big-Box retailer will reveal a mass-produced collection of gemstone-bracelet products made with one or more crystals, semi-precious stones and/or precious stones. However, bear in mind that not every bracelet is a true healing bracelet, even if the bracelet has some of the same stones found in genuine energy bracelets.

Not just anyone can create a healing bracelet. Different stones and crystals on a bracelet bring about different forms of healing, so the first step to choosing a bracelet is understanding what each one does.

What’s more, you’ll also need to know how certain stones and crystals work together in a bracelet. If you’re focused on a single end result, you may want to purchase a bracelet made from a single stone; however, in many cases, you’ll need a bracelet with a combination of different stones and crystals to reach your end goal. If you intend to wear more than one bracelet at a time (i.e. a collection of two or more) together, you’ll need to be sure that the stones on each bracelet interact well with each other. Certain combinations of stones and crystals on a bracelet can actually amplify negative feelings such as sadness and sluggishness.

Bracelets or Jewelry with Multiple Stones

The way in which the gemstone or crystal on the bracelet are cut also impacts a bracelet’s healing powers. Are the stones and crystals tumbled, spherical, rectangular, freeform or chipped?

The bracelet design isn’t just about style, although that’s certainly important too. The way in which the crystal or stone is polished and cut has an impact on the intensity and effectiveness of the bracelet’s healing powers. It also determines how often your energy bracelets need to be “cleansed” to maintain their healing powers and their effects on your chakra points.

How Do These Jewelry Stones & Crystals Provide Healing?

Healing is Just One of the Many Benefits of these Crystal Bracelets

There are literally dozens of bracelet styles and stones to pick from, and each bracelet has its specific benefits. There isn’t room to list every gemstone from our collection here, but the following list of stones, crystals and bracelet styles will help you get acquainted with some of the most common options. Whether you’re looking for a bracelet specifically for healing, restoring your chakra or other goals, the following list is a great starting point.

Amethyst Bracelet AA Quality 10mm

Amethyst Bracelet AA Quality 10mm
Price: $89.99

Amethyst Crystal Bracelet (Excellent for Spiritual Healing & Physical Healing)

Amethyst is a purple crystal (actually a form of quartz) that is said to offer physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. An amethyst crystal / quartz bracelet purifies the mind of negative thoughts, replacing these with spiritual wisdom and humility. This crystal bracelet can also combat insomnia, promote sobriety, cleanse the blood, relieve pain and stress and boost hormone production. A bracelet that combines the amethyst crystal with citrine boosts intellectual performance. Amethyst is also a common chakra crystal, which benefits your third eye chakra.

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Aquamarine Bracelet Heishi
Price: $26.99

Aquamarine Stone Bracelet (The Healing of Calmness)

Do you need extra courage for a difficult task, or comfort to get through a difficult situation? If so, an aquamarine bracelet may be just the stone for you. This bracelet has a calming, soothing effect on the wearer, while at the same time giving an individual additional tolerance and improved communication skills. An aquamarine stone bracelet has a soothing light bluish-gray color.

carnelian bracelet

Carnelian Bracelet 8mm
Price: $15.99

Carnelian Stone Bracelet (Chakra Healing Stone)

Carnelian’s vibrant shade of red reflects the healing properties of this bracelet. The stone is said to awaken talent and boost energy levels, motivations and inspiration. At the same time, this bracelet holds back negative emotions such as envy, rage and fear. Carnelian is one of seven stones found on a Chakra bracelet (carnelian is used for your sacral chakra); alternatively, one can purchase a bracelet with these stones alone.

citrine bracelet

Citrine Bracelet Faceted Rondelle 8mm AA Quality
Price: $74.99


Citrine Stone Bracelet (Positive Energy & Prosperity Healing)

Citrine, another form of quartz, comes in colors ranging from brownish red to light yellow. The quartz stones on this bracelet have been referred to as “Vitamin C for the soul” as they bring in optimism, warmth and clarity while dispelling fear. A citrine quartz bracelet is also known for prosperity and can help a wearer not only gain wealth but also maintain it. The citrine quartz in this bracelet is commonly made in a lab by using heat treatment on amethysts and smoky quartz; however, the stone also occurs naturally. Citrine is also a common chakra stone, used for the sacral chakra. (Other sacral chakra stones include moonstone and coral).

Garnet Bracelet 10mm

Garnet Bracelet 10mm

Price: $45.99


Garnet Stone Bracelet (Extracts Bad Energy)

Garnet, also known as almandine, can be green, deep red or black. Like Carnelian, it’s a chakra stone and this bracelet is said to extract negative energy and bad intention from the body. It’s also the stone of commitment, making this bracelet ideal for anyone who wants to improve relationships with colleagues, friends and/or family members.

Lolite Bracelet 7mm

Iolite Bracelet 7mm

Price: $65.99


Iolite Stone Bracelet (Healing, Charm & Harmony with Others)

A bracelet with iolite comes in varying shades of blue. This bracelet brings harmony to interpersonal relationships while helping wearers eliminate debt.


Lapis Lazuli Bracelet A Grade 8mm

Price: $49.99


Lapis Lazuli Stone Bracelet (The Healing of Clarity)

A Lapis Lazuli bracelet features the vibrant dark blue stone that stimulates knowledge and wisdom and enables users to think in an objective, clear manner. This bracelet also enhances mental endurance, communication skills and organizational skills. The stone is essentially a stone of the mind, as its energies are focused on improving mental capabilities and manifesting your intention.

Obsidian Stone Bracelet

Obsidian Tumbled Stone

Price: $1.50


Obsidian Stone Bracelets (Release of Stress & Creativity)

An obsidian stone bracelet helps to reveal blockages in your energy. Wearing a bracelet with obsidian helps to ground you, relieving anxiety and pushing away negative energy.

 Obsidian is actually a naturally occurring volcanic glass, which is formed as an extrusive igneous rock. For thousands of years, obsidian has been used to make cutting tools. (For example, obsidian was used to make arrowheads, spear points, knives and other tools, as well as weapons.) Obsidian bracelets, beads and jewelry also produce sincerity in action, good intention and creativity in all endeavors. Black obsidian is also a common chakra stone, which benefits your third eye chakra.

Peridot Bracelet 8mm

Peridot Bracelet 8mm

Price: $49.99


Peridot Stone Bracelet (Love & Relationship Healing)

Peridot is the stone of the heart. This bracelet increases openness and acceptance in relationships, boosts personal growth by helping individuals identify and deal with detrimental patterns and habits and lessens negative anger and jealousy brought on by a bruised ego. The color of the stone on this bracelet ranges from bright green to semi-transparent light green.

Ruby and Sapphire Bracelet

Ruby & Sapphire Bracelet 6mm

Price: $94.99


Ruby Crystal Bracelet (Spiritual Wisdom & Healing of Self-Confidence)

Ruby is more than just a beautiful red crystal. This crystal is unique because it’s often found in other stones, and bracelets made with these stones bring about different results.

On its own, a ruby crystal bracelet brings about spiritual wisdom and health. The bracelet also empowers a person to take more responsibility for him or herself. When ruby crystal is combined with a sapphire gemstone, the bracelet stimulates confidence and ambition. Ruby in fuchsite boosts self-esteem by helping you realize your true self-worth and giving you courage and vigor. A ruby zoisite crystal bracelet attracts wealth while dispelling negativity, laziness and idleness. Some people use a ruby gemstone bracelet for passion.


Rose Quartz Bracelet Chip

Price: $6.99


Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet (Romance, Charm, Trust & Physical Healing)

As the name and pink hue of this crystal would imply, rose quartz is considered to be a stone of love and passion. A quartz crystal bracelet can improve your ability to attract a romantic partner and intensify passion; at the same time, the quartz also soothes feelings of loneliness (many use quartz bracelets or standalone quartz crystals to remove heartache). A rose quartz crystal bracelet can also restore harmony, trust and passion in relationships. Quartz is also said to improve your ability to love, trust and appreciate yourself (which is why many use quartz to improve self esteem, intention and feelings of self worth).

A bracelet made with a rose quartz crystal also promotes physical healing by protecting wearers from environmental pollution, strengthening the heart and circulatory system, lowering high blood pressure and healing chest and lung problems. Other healing properties of a rose quartz crystal bracelet include increased fertility and protection from miscarriage. Rose quartz is another common chakra stone, used for the heart chakra.

Shungite Bracelet - 8mm

Shungite Bracelet – 8mm

Price: $26.99


Shungite Stone Bracelet (Stress & Anxiety Healing)

This classy black stone bracelet seems to have been created for the modern era. Shungite combats anything that imposes hazards on living beings while concentrating anything helpful to life and good health. This bracelet reduces stress, helps you get a good night’s sleep and offers protection from harmful electromagnetic radiation from computers and cell phones.

tiger's eye bracelet

Tigers Eye Bracelet 10mm

Price: $19.99


Tiger’s Eye Crystal Bracelet (Healing of Fears, Doubt and Decision-Making)

Tiger’s eye ranges in color from gold to dark brown, and a single stone may have various hues in this range. This crystal bracelet is great for mental health, as it wards off depression, boosts self-confidence, releases fear, anxiety and self-doubt and improves your ability to make good decisions. A tiger’s eye crystal bracelet is also said to be good for career building.

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Black Tourmaline Bracelet 10mm

Price: $26.99


Tourmaline Stone Bracelet (Healing of Mind & Body)

A tourmaline bracelet is unique because tourmaline can be found in literally any color:  including red tourmaline, blue tourmaline, green tourmaline, yellow tourmaline, white tourmaline, orange tourmaline, black tourmaline and purple tourmaline. The tourmaline stones on a bracelet or necklace can also be translucent or multicolored.

Tourmaline is a stone of both the mind and the heart. Additional powers of this bracelet include the ability to diminish fear, improve self-confidence and improve insight to help identify and deal with the source of a problem.

Popular Healing Bracelet Trends & Styles

Tumbled, Round Crystal Bracelet

A bracelet made using stretch-lace and round, tumbled beads is both stylish and convenient. This bracelet looks good with just about any outfit. It can be worn in any setting. They can also be “stacked”; that is, worn together with one or two other bracelets. As long as the colors look good with your chosen outfit and the crystals and stones on your bracelets interact well with each other, you’re good to go.

What’s more, like all energy bracelets, this bracelet isn’t just for women. A black bracelet is a popular style for men, as it matches well with just about any outfit. However, colorful bracelets for men are also in style, especially during the hot summer months. This style of bracelet is ideal for casual settings, and it goes well with solid-colored outfits.

Freeform Crystal Bracelets

While round, tumbled stones, crystals and beads are “neat” in appearance, freeform bracelets are wild yet authentic. This bracelet is ideal for casual outfits, but don’t dismiss it if you head out to a formal event. A freeform stone bracelet can complement just about any outfit and help you stand out from the crowd. Clear stones tend to be the most popular color option for this bracelet, followed by blue and pink.

It’s great to be aware of popular bracelet and jewelry trends, but don’t limit yourself to them. The most important consideration to keep in mind when shopping for this kind of jewelry (whether bracelet, necklace, earrings or other jewelry) is not how it looks but how it makes you feel. Sometimes, you’ll need to go with your gut instinct. Some stones attract people, while other stones repel them. If the bracelet doesn’t feel right to you, don’t buy it. After all, the main reason for buying the bracelet is to bring about healing and energy in your life, not to “keep up with the Joneses” or impress others with your overpriced jewelry from Nialaya and other questionable retailers.


How to Pick the Right Healing Bracelet or Necklace Jewelry

If you’re new to choosing a bracelet, you may consider shopping for the jewelry in person to get custom help and advice in picking a bracelet to meet your exact needs. Of course, that’s not as always possible or as convenient as shopping for gemstone jewelry online. If you’re shopping online, consider the points outlined below to make well-informed decisions in choosing your bracelet or other jewelry.

Search Crystal Bracelets & Stones for Specific Healing Abilities

When buying a gemstone bracelet, don’t settle for a single gemstone or crystal because it has a particular ability or healing property. Instead, search for bracelets and jewelry specifically made to address certain issues. Such bracelets use a combination of various stones to provide the most powerful effect to the wearer.

  • A communication bracelet, for instance, uses a mix of amethyst gemstone, sodalite, lapis lazuli and hematite stones to empower anyone who needs help speaking in public.
  • A love bracelet designed to bring love into your life will use a mix of rose quartz crystals, rhodonite and rhodochrosite, while a bracelet designed to combat depression will use a mix of tiger eye, lepidolite and rutilated quartz crystals.

Pay Attention to Size of the Stones, Crystals, or Gemstone

How big should the gemstone, beads or crystal on your bracelet or other jewelry be?

For particularly powerful crystals and gemstones, size doesn’t really matter. However, in most instances larger stones and crystals are more powerful than small ones. Bear this in mind when you shop for a bracelet or other jewelry, especially if you need a powerful healing boost in your life. It may cost more to purchase a bracelet or jewelry with a large gemstone, but the end result can be more than worth it.

Consider the Crystal Cut

As was noted above, the cut of the gemstones or crystals on your bracelet can have a huge impact on its abilities, so this is important to keep in mind as you shop. Round, tumbled stones are powerful, but spherical stones radiate energy equally in every direction, thus increasing the effect that the bracelet has on the wearer. Crystal chips radiate energy on each other, creating a powerful circle with ever-increasing energy. If you need a high dose of energy from a single crystal, a chipped crystal bracelet is a truly powerful option.

Cleansing Your Bracelets and Crystals

Some crystals need more cleansing than others. That’s true whether you shop from a trusted retailer like Crystalis or an overpriced jewelry shop like Nialaya.

What’s more, a bracelet with various stones, crystals and beads may need to be cleansed differently than a bracelet with only one type of rock or crystal. Be sure you know what you need to do to keep your bracelet powerful in order to reach your end goal.


Want a One-of-a-Kind Bracelet? Shop Crystalis

Find the Perfect Crystal Bracelet for You — or Have It Custom-Made

Just about everyone can benefit from all that energy bracelets have to offer. Even so, you are a unique individual with unique needs, feelings and wishes. Given that fact, if you can’t find the exact solution you need in our shop, you may want to consider having a bracelet custom-made to suit your specific needs.

Healing bracelets and energy bracelets can be a great asset if you want to boost certain skills, promote physical health and healing and improve your odds of reaching your long-term goals. However, you need to shop for the right bracelet to meet your needs if you want to see results. That’s why Crystalis puts time, care and effort into every single bracelet we create and all the jewelry products we sell in our shop.

Unlike the overpriced products from retail shops like Nialaya, we choose stones with care and combine them with expertise to ensure you’re getting the powerful, effective healing power you’re expecting from your bracelet. In addition to our in-stock collection, we can also create a custom-designed bracelet to suit your specific needs.

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