Got grumpy co-workers or difficult family members?

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Ping and Bounce off all that negativity with Fluorite! Do you feel drained after a coworker talks to you? It goes like this – Suzy comes into your office and starts complaining and whining. After a few minutes she says WOW I feel so much better. However, you feel tired and terrible. Are you the go to person for family members to call and dump their stuff on you? Whatever family drama there is are they calling you? Are you tired and exhausted from all the calamities? It is time to stop being the go to garbage dump! Fluorite works like a wonder woman bracelet. It bounces all that negativity back to the person and protects you. You can still be a compassionate listener without taking on their “stuff” Any fluorite in any form is beneficial. Bracelets are best for teachers, family and service workers because it is always on. For administration and CEO’s a fluorite paperweight or worry stone on the desk is sufficient. When a difficult phone call or colleague comes into your office just pick up the stone and fiddle while talking to the person. You will stop being a dumping ground and the people will start whining somewhere else. You will be happy and they will be happy! Tip: When engaging with difficult people listen but do not try to solve their problems. Try these magic words when people are discussing their woes – Oh, Wow, Really, That’s interesting. This shows you hear them but not solving the world’s problems. Don’t we have our own issues to tackle without taking on others? Over time, peace and serenity will fill you without all the drama. Good Luck and my the force be with you!