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Lava Stone Lapis Bracelet 8mm


Wear this Lava Stone Lapis Bracelet to stimulate knowledge and wisdom, provide metal clarity, improve communication skills, and stay grounded.

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Fluorite Bracelet/8mm


Use this Fluorite Bracelet to promote organization and concentration. Fluorite can also be used to combat negativity in the workplace. This crystal also helps with balancing relationships. This stone brings order to chaos and helps you clear your mind.

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Moss Agate Bracelet/6mm


Wear this Moss Agate Bracelet to attract abundance and help see the beauty in all things. Moss Agate can also be used for deep-seated stress relief. and to counteract inflammation and long term illnesses.

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Sunstone Bracelet/8mm


Wear this Sunstone Bracelet to promote happiness and help increase physical energy. It can also be used to encourage independence and creativity. It allows the real self to shine through happily.

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Charoite Bracelet 8mm


Use this Charoite bracelet to promote the opening of the heart to allow one to see with love. It can also be used for grounding the spiritual self and seeing that as one door closes, another opens.

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Bronzite Bracelet/8mm


Use this Bronzite Bracelet to increase your intuition, decisiveness, and certainty. This crystal helps you obtain serenity and is especially good for those who have trouble stilling themselves. Bronzite helps you just exist and live in a state of “being”.

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Mookite Bracelet/6mm


Wear this Mookite Bracelet to promote nurturing and overcoming procrastination. It can also be used to connect with ancient knowledge and for physical vibrancy.

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Bloodstone Bracelet /6mm


Wear this Bloodstone Bracelet to promote courage and blood cleansing. It can also be used for grounding the heart chakra.

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