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Stichtite Pendant


Stichtite promotes love and compassion and because of this, it is good for healing emotional issues. It is a stone of forgiveness and recovery.

This Stichtite pendant is approx. 3/4″ tall and set in sterling silver.

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Tourmaline Pendant


Pink Tourmaline is an aphrodisiac that attracts love in the spiritual and material world! It fosters love, tenderness, friendship, wholeness, and healing. It treats emotional dysfunction, heals old pain, and enhances relationships.

The Tourmaline Pendant is approx. 3/8″ and set in sterling silver.

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Malingano Jasper Pendant


Malingano Jasper helps one move on from past events and get rid of emotional baggage. It is a stone that helps you move away from the past so that you can go forward.

This Malingano Jasper Pendant is approx. 3/4″ and set in sterling silver.

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Labradorite Rough Pendant


Labradorite – also known as the “Stone of Transformation and Transition” – puts you on your path towards your purpose in life. It clears and balances the aura. It also deflects unwanted energies from the aura and prevents energy leakage. For more Labradorite products, click here!

This labradorite rough pendant is approx. 1″ and set in sterling silver.

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Copper Agate Pendant


Wear this Copper Agate Pendant to help eliminate negativity and stabilize and channel your energies.

The copper agate is approx. 1″ and set in sterling silver.

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Quartz Pendant dt


Wear this Quartz Pendant for clarity of mind and to help promote positivity.

Clear Quartz provides clarity of mind. It promotes positivity and gentle protection and assists in the meditation process. It amplifies the properties of other stones and is used for good luck. It is great for redirecting energy and can be used to cleanse other stones.

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Kyanite Pendant


Kyanite facilitates meditation and has a tranquil, calming effect. It aligns chakras immediately. It never needs cleansing and will not accumulate negative energy. It changes negative energy into positive energy.

This kyanite pendant is a chunk of raw green kyanite set in sterling silver.

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Glow Scorpion


Glow Scorpion

This pendant contains a scorpion preserved in resin with a special surprise. It glows in the dark!

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