Everything You Should Know About Smoky Quartz

smoky quartz
There is endless amount of colors you can buy in stones, and they are all very beautiful in their own unique ways. Black, red, blue, purple, you can get them all in bead form for wonderful jewelry. But one color that is often overlooked is brown. Color of Smoky Quartz Yes, brown is not often known as a color that is beautiful, but there are brown gemstones that look appealing in their own right, and one of these is the smoky quartz of the quartz family of gemstones. Smoky quartz can also come in pale brown, deep brown, yellow brown, and black varieties, offering a palette that is very reminiscent of trees, dirt, autumn leaves, and animals. The Many Healing Properties of Smoky Quartz With smoky quartz’s various shades of brown, it makes for a gemstone that is highly associated with nature while featuring some very cool visual effects for each stone. These shades of brown come from one of two different sources, whether from exposure to granite deposits or natural radiation far below the earth’s surface. Smoky quartz is commonly found in both transparent and translucent forms, though it can also be opaque. Smoky quartz can be mined from many different countries across the globe, making it a fairly common stone made into healing bracelets. This type of quartz is said to be a stone that helps relieve negativity, anxiety, stress, tension, and panic attacks. For the healing energy to work from smoky quartz, the user can hold the stone and cleanse by putting in the earth. Smoky quartz is considered a grounding stone. Grounding stones allow the user to be centered with Earth’s energy so that he or she can be calm and collected, regardless of current events on a personal or broad level. Other types of grounding stones include hematite, tiger eye, shungite, and jasper. This stone is also known to symbolize protection and defense. Smoky quartz can be placed somewhere in a person’s home, in their car’s glove compartment, or in their bag in order to reduce the likelihood of theft occurring and protect from negativity. This is especially true if the home, car, or belongings are left unattended for periods at a time. This also reduces the likelihood of accidents caused by human error, such as car accidents. With this in mind, smoky quartz is a great gemstone if you are looking to either endure big challenges or reach personal goals. In addition to removing stress and worry, it also encourages rational and clear thought while helping you become a better organizer. Strangely enough, smoky quartz is said to be a great aid to help a user stop smoking, stifling the urge to smoke and alleviate the side effects that come from nicotine withdrawal. While it is no substitute for rehab, many people have counted on it during their recovery. Summary One of the earthiest gemstones you can buy as jewelry is smoky quartz. Smoky quartz is a murky, brown stone that is often translucent. This stone has many healing properties, allowing you to be relieved of negativity, stress and anxiety, while also gaining focus and clarity. Smoky quartz is also considered a great stone for driving and keeping your property safe, as it can help reduce the odds of a theft or accident from occurring.