Everything You Need to Know About Tumbled Stones

If you’ve heard of healing bracelets, then you probably know all about chakra stones and balanced energies. Tumbled stones are similar to chakra stones in a way that they’re small, rounded, and brightly polished crystals, minerals, and rocks. These stones are made for arts and crafts. They each carry healing energy such as relieving stress or bringing good luck. 

tumbled stones

How are tumbled stones made? 

The reason why they’re called tumbled stones is because they’re created through a machine called a rock tumbler, which tumbles the raw rocks until any rough edges and surfaces become smoother, shinier and more polished. Additionally, the tumbler gives these stones a more rounded shape, making it ideal for carrying. To create a bright and polished surface on these rocks, a rock polish is also used to finish the entire tumbling process. Typically, it takes a few weeks to finish everything.

These stones also come in different names, such as polished stones, tumbled gemstones, polished rocks, baroque gems, etc.

What are tumbled stones made out of? 

These stones are made from a wide variety of materials. It’s important to create these tumbled stones from rocks and minerals that have a hardness rating between 5 and above. This rating is important because it ensures durability and a good polish for the final outcome. The most commonly used materials for these stones include a wide range of varieties of Chalcedony such as Jasper, Bloodstone and Agate. Minerals such as Crystalline Quartz which includes Rock Crystal, Rose Quartz, Tigers Eye, Yellow Quartz and Aventurine are also prime examples for materials that can be tumbled. Other minerals also include Sunshine, Malachite, Beryl, Amazonite, Nephrite, Garnet and many more.

Just like chakra stones, specific types of materials and minerals have a deeper meaning that people want to use for their healing bracelets, pouches, jewelries or arts and crafts. 

What do people use tumbled stones for?

These stones are used for many reasons by many people. Others want these stones for aesthetic purposes while some have a deep sentimental value for them. Most of the time, these stones are used as part of healing pouches or bracelets, which absorb negative energy and emit positive energy, or even as lucky charms, which people carry around for good luck.

There are many things you can do with these colorful stones. Examples are for vase fillers, 3D paintings, decorations, accents and even ground cover in large potted plants. You can even use tumbled stones as coasters where all you have to do is select a collection of these stones, arrange them accordingly at the bottom of a mold and gently pour enough liquid plastic resin to harden overnight. Some have also used these colorful stones for jewelry crafts and decorations for Christmas tree ornaments.

At the end of the day, these stones are so useful and diverse in so many ways that you can never run off creative and imaginative methods to keep using them and keeping them as part of your daily living. 

Should you get tumbled stones?  

Short answer? Yes!

Long answer? Still, yes! There’s no harm done in getting these stones to bring more color and luck in your life. So what are you waiting for? A wide range of colorful and amazing stones are waiting to be picked up and used by you!