Crystals for New Beginnings, Change, and Transformation

Crystals for Change, New Beginnings, Transformation

Generate New Beginnings

The only constant in life is change. Even without realizing it, everything around us and within us fluctuates to adapt to current circumstances and prepare for the future. While this is true, sometimes we are looking for change and metamorphosis to happen sooner. The actions we take and the people we surround ourselves with can directly influence the speed at which transformation can happen. Using affirmations and dedicating time to manifest are great ways to take action to bring about what we desire, but sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what we want.

Feeling stagnant and unsure of where to focus our attention is completely natural. Knowing we need to change something around us or within is the first step to achieving goals. By adding some crystals to your environment or daily life, we can help ourselves determine what is next. Their energies and healing properties facilitate our self-transformation and help surface our deep desires and enlighten us about ways to achieve the goals that reside in our subconscious.

There is a stone for your unique situation and intent. During any process of manifestation, be sure to remain grateful for the beauty, establishments, careers, and relationships you do currently have in your life. Gratitude brings joy, and mindfulness allows us to remain present for the abundance that is.



Crystals for Transformation:

Labradorite: Known as the stone of transformation and transition, Labradorite puts you on your path and charges your purpose in life. This stone is excellent for clearing and balancing your aura while deflecting unwanted energies from your auric field and preventing energy leakage. Labradorite helps inspire imagination and psychic abilities, imparting inner strength and psychic abilities. This is a powerful stone for revealing hard truths, healing insecurities, and addressing the root of fears.

Malachite: A stone with many purposes, Malachite works to inspire you to re-evaluate areas of your life and bring to light the changes you may need. It’s excellent for pinpointing the aspects that are ripe for transformation and then guiding you to enact them into existence. Malachite is known to be a beginner’s version of Moldavite, as it will assist in turning over a new leaf but will do so a bit less abruptly than the latter. It brings in positive energy and gives a burst of vitality to fuel your heart’s desires and life purpose. A stone of feminine power.

Lepidolite: The healing energy exuding from this stone is palpable, making it extremely helpful to have on hand during major life transitions. Lepidolite is great for reducing anxieties about the new beginnings, focusing on the present moment, and becoming aware of what your body needs at the time. calming the mind and body so acceptance and transcendence can take place. While reducing stress, Lepidolite will lighten the spirit during travel, birth, and rebirth. The tranquil effects of Lepidolite will dissolve depressed feelings and help you weather emotional storms during the growth process.

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Topaz: The ultimate stone of manifestation, Topaz allows its users to remember their dreams and aid in physically bringing them to fruition. Topaz promotes true love and success in all endeavors while aiding creativity and individuality. Keep Topaz close for replacing any negativity with love, instilling inner peace with all outcomes, and bringing joy to relationships. Great for invigorating and regenerating vitality, and jumpstarting the manifestation of new beginnings. Topaz will direct energy to where it is needed most. Great for strengthening self-control, self-realization, and honesty, Topaz is particularly helpful for increasing optimism.

Opal: Known as the hope stone, Opal is a bright and happy stone great for balancing personal and environmental energy. Encourages good karma and assists in ending negative karmic cycles, contracts, and cords. Opal helps regulate mental and emotional healing, renewing one’s sense of self and bringing the user’s best personality traits to light. Great for use as a good luck charm, combine with Green Aventurine to attract inner power and amazing opportunities.

Aquamarine: As the stone of courage, Aquamarine awakens bravery within to ensure perseverance when facing major life changes. Aquamarine will provide a tonic effect to the user, enhancing intellectual thought, concentration, and tolerance. This crystal will also instill patience when manifesting, keeping one in acceptance with divine timing so as not to rush or force a process of transformation.

And last but not least. . .

Moldavite: An extremely high vibrational stone, Moldavite is famous for its ability to enact immediate change and new beginnings into one’s life and transform current circumstances. Revered for its intensity and unpredictability, Moldavite takes you to the highest spiritual dimensions and facilitates the ascension process. May trigger a huge rush of energy in the body, and bring unexpected solutions forward. It’s very likely that bringing Moldavite into your life will set off a chain reaction of surprises and losses. It’s important to keep in mind – when these things, people, or places that end or disappear, they were not aligned with your purpose and were keeping you from becoming your higher self.  For some, this process may be overwhelming, but once you make a connection with Moldavite, it will take you down paths and to places you never would have imagined possible. It is believed that either Moldavite will find you, or when you feel a nudge to bring it into your life, you are ready to transcend.