Crystals for Love: Valentine’s Day

Crystals for Love: Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Crystals

Love is in the air! Here at Crystalis we like to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a day of love for oneself and others no matter your relationship status. Inviting more love into your life is something that we always encourage, and this time of year reminds us to cherish and value ourselves in order to facilitate beautiful relationships with others. If you are in a relationship, crystals can enhance communication, boost positive emotions, and promote peace. For singles, crystals are an excellent tool to help bring out your best characteristics and facilitate self-love so that you may be ready and open so the person you deserve can enter your life.

Below are some of our crystal recommendations for Valentine’s Day that can help open your heart, appreciate the love already present in your life, and show compassion to yourself and others.  

Rose Quartz:

This is the ultimate love stone and is an essential when dealing with the Heart Chakra. Rose Quartz is the stone of compassion and thus attracts romance, fosters self-appreciation and invites love into all friendships and relationships. Having it near allows one to speak from the heart; Rose Quartz also helps soothe loneliness and heartache.


Rhodonite is considered to be a higher vibration of Rose Quartz. Rhodonite energizes your heart chakra so you may convey unconditional love to others. Having Rhodonite helps one to achieve personal greatness and accomplish long-term goals in a relationship and individually.


This is the stone of self-love, confidence, and self-esteem. Rhodochrosite stimulates the mind and lifts depression. It can soothe emotional stress to help one overcome shyness and nervousness when meeting new people (helpful on first dates). Encourages feelings of self-worth.

Rose Quartz


A powerful relationship stone that assists in fostering healthy relationships and eliminating any toxicity from a situation. It can help one trust the process during relationship transitions, such as breaking up or getting together. Morganite can smooth a bumpy road and help bring to light any issues between two people, whether their partnership is romantic or not. It can rid you of attachments to past relationships that have ended and bring in love of all kinds.


A high-vibration stone that helps relieve anxieties about oneself or external circumstances. It promotes self-love, unconditional, and romantic love, and aids in expressing these emotions. Kunzite activates the Heart Chakra.


Known as the stone of successful love, Emerald helps attract wealth and prosperity into both your and your significant other’s lives. A Heart Chakra stone, Emerald protects your heart while promoting both fidelity and domestic peace.

Pink Tourmaline:

An aphrodisiac that attracts love in the spiritual and material world. As with most tourmaline, Pink Tourmaline is a protection stone and in this case, aids in the protection of your heart. Fosters love, tenderness, friendship, wholeness, and healing. Treats emotional dysfunction; heals old pain, and enhances relationships.