Crystals for Joy and Positivity

Crystal Ball

As I write this, I’m looking outside to the dark wintery mix that comes with both Sagittarius and Capricorn seasons.  While the cold rain is not unexpected, this weather brings to my attention a topic I think is essential to discuss when utilizing crystals as tools.

As we hunker down for the dark winter months, keeping up your energy and happiness levels can be challenging. The decline in Vitamin D available to us zaps our energy levels and our moods can easily fall prey to seasonal depression. Summer is a jovial time for socializing and exploring our world and as winter comes around, we shift into a period of introspection and recuperation.

During these times, it is crucial we nourish ourselves with what our bodies need and surround ourselves with the comforts that our people, food, and items bring. Capitalizing on joy can help us beat SAD (seasonal depression), and crystals are one the perfect tools to help us do so.  

While cozying up, keep some crystals around to help keep your energy light and merry. Prioritize the social activities you have scheduled and pop a crystal in your pocket to bring some good energy to any environment you enter.

The Sun tarot card


Below are our top recommendations for crystals that inspire joy and positivity within to keep your inner flame burning:

Citrine: Although Citrine is usually associated with acquiring and maintaining prosperity, it also lends this magnetism to attract positive energy in general. into your energetic field regarding all other things positive as well. As a yellow stone Citrine harmonizes the rhythm of your Solar Plexus chakra, clearing up blockages one might have associated with their purpose in life and/or overall mission in this incarnation. Citrine invites healing light to your body and spirit and is symbolic of the energy that resides in sunlight to help.

Sunstone: A warm welcome on a gray and wintery day, sunstone can provide the warmth and joy that the sun brings us daily during the warmer months. Sunstone is the embodiment of joy and carries a little bit of the sun with you, so you can be sure to light up any room and bring joy out in others. Since it provides an energizing and welcomes a sunny disposition, it’s perfect for allowing the real self to shine through happily. Removing codependency, sunstone facilitates personal power and belief in one’s self and independence. Sunstone cleanses and brightens both your chakras and aura.

Carnelian: A stone of vitality, Carnelian will inspire and motivate you to take action. It will awaken talent, boost your energy, and heighten your analytical precision. While improving your connection with the spiritual realm, Carnelian will allow you to see divine truth and protect against any external envy, fear, and rage. A powerful aid to build confidence, as a Sacral Chakra stone it will activate and align the first three chakras, ultimately stimulating your senses and power of will. Carnelian helps work through procrastination and illustrates the root cause for avoidance tendencies so they may be dealt with.

sunstone necklace
Citrine Faceted Drop Necklace
carnelian necklace

Amber: Referred to as a “Ray of Sunshine” for good reason. Amber is fossilized tree sap that has been used to calm nerves for thousands of years. It transmutes negative and facilitates self-healing. Amber brings us warmth and emobdies the light from the sun. Excellent for those who become depressed during the winter months due to lack of sunlight. It lends you purpose and strength, integrating Light into your being and spirit. 

Red Jasper: Known as the supreme nurturer, red jasper is an excellent grounding stone that activates and balances your root chakra, which is your sense of security and comfort. Red Jasper sustains and supports during times of stress, providing courage and protection. Great for feeling empowered, encouraging focus, and reinvigorating quests of self-mastery, red jasper ignites a passion for life and love.

Goldstone: Great for positive energy, Goldstone grounds and renews personal strength. It encourages healing the ego and helps redefine thinking patterns so they may be more positive. Activates the Root and Sacral Chakras which can allow for expanded growth based on a strong foundation and a drive to achieve personal goals.

Clear Quartz: A classic, clear quartz is a powerful magnifier of intention. It can assist in giving your crystal grids or personal energetic fields that extra strength to really set your intentions and manifestations in motion. Quartz will provide clarity of mind, promote positivity and protection, as well as amplify the qualities of the other stones you are working with. The possibilities of working with clear quartz are endless and the efficacy of the results it can yield remain incontestable.

Be the Light!

Crystal Ball in sunlight