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Mental Health Awareness Month: 7 Mental Health Crystals

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Take a look at these mental health crystals to help with stress, anxiety, and depression this Mental Health Awareness Month!

Lapis Lazuli: Metaphysical Meaning and Properties

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Take a look at May’s Crystal Feature! This moth we’re focusing on Lapis Lazuli!

7 Healing Crystals For Stress This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us, but there are several healing crystals that can help you overcome that anxiety and make the season brighter.  Already dreading the holidays? You’re not alone. Statistics show that roughly 69% of people experience stress during the holidays due to worries about time, money, travel […]

Crystals and Stones to Help with Anxiety

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People are seeking alternatives to medication to help alleviate stress. And, one of the most common techniques is using crystals and stones for anxiety and other problems related to health and wellbeing. The healing crystals have been used since ancient times. The major purpose of stones is to help heal the bodily from within. Today, there […]

Types of healing stones and their properties

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Healing Crystal is kind of a pseudoscientific technique used for medicinal purposes and uses semiprecious stones for the purpose. There are these claims regarding this technique that these stones have healing powers or energies. To date, there has not been enough scientific proof for the same but this technique has worked for a lot of […]

Stones to Make You Feel Calm and Balanced

Anyone who talks about crystals will often mention the energies, vibrations, and healing powers that are associated with them. However, these mystical healing crystals do a lot more than just that! When used the right way, healing stones help you overcome feelings of anxiety and brings you a sense of calm. So, if you are […]

Overcome Depression and Anxiety with These Healing Crystals

Healing crystals have been around for a very long time and are known to have powerful healing properties. Each crystal or stone has its own inherent ability to help you overcome different obstacles in life. In fact, did you know that crystals are also known to help treat mental health issues such as depression and […]

9 Crystals for Depression – Best Crystals for Anxiety & Depression

When humans were evolving, our fight or flight response saved us from many dangers. There was a multitude of different predators – such as animals and other humans – that we needed to be able to respond to quickly in order to survive. There are not nearly as many dangers in the modern world. Nevertheless, […]

5 Worry Stones for Stress & Anxiety

  Healing stones work best to tune in and eliminate negative feelings even when these are used with other practices such as yoga and meditation. There are a number of stones that helps in lowering the stress and anxiety to make a person stay in a place of tranquility. Let’s talk about 5 worry stones […]