How To Care For Your Healing Gems

Owning healing crystals is such an amazing thing. However, keeping them in good condition is another. Any owner of these healing gems has to give them the utmost care they deserve. Well, taking care for crystals takes many forms. The best one is that which feels right to you and one which keeps your gems in tip top order. Whatever you think is good for you and the crystal is what you should go for. However, there are few ideas you can look at. These would help avoid damage or any disruptions in the natural healing energies of your gems. Do this when cleaning Always nothing beats a gentle wash with lukewarm water. You might have to keep away from soaps. They sometimes have unwanted effects on some crystals. Therefore, it is good that you avoid soap altogether since you might never know which crystals are affected. Keep in mind that there are some stones which should be kept away from water. They might break up or dissolve. Water sometimes creates minuscule cracks invisible to your naked eye which might open up your crystals. Be careful with extreme temperatures at all costs. Excessive cold or hot water might shatter your prized stones. You should always use water at room temperature to avoid shocks to the structure of your crystals. Some of the stones which are highly sensitive to water include Chalcanthite, Pyrite, and Galenite. Putting them on display Most of the healing crystal jewelry needs to be put in the sun sometimes. Displaying them on the window sill keeps them energized, frees them from negative, is such a breathtaking sight for passersby and keeps trouble at bay. Meanwhile, there some crystals which do not need to be exposed to bright light, they need to be put in a shaded place. Some stones risk losing their color when put in bright sunlight. Do not take a chance or you might find the truth the hard way after ending up with dull and drab looking Amethysts. It might not happen immediately, you will notice it with time. Other stones to be kept away from direct sunlight include Rose Quartz and Fluorite. Putting stones in direct light exposure you to a risk of igniting a fire outbreak since some clear stones are effective at focusing light. It has a likelihood of heating up the place where the light is focused which might eventually break out into a fire. Handling crystals the right way It is always good to handle your stones with gentleness. Though they feel very solid, crystals can easily get chipped or scratched. A slight moment of roughness can trigger a dent on your prized possession. It might not have any effect on its power, but you will develop different ideas about it. You might get dramatic effects when you continue using it for your healing process. To keep them safely, a small pouch is recommended. And, when you plan on traveling with them, you can always consult a specialist to give you some ideas. Enjoy your healing process Above all, enjoy your crystals. Spend quality time with them and get to know them better. Doing this, you will be able to gradually learn the best way to take care of them just like your best friend.