Back to School Crystals

back to school crystals

School starts back at the end of this month, and we’re all scrambling to fill that back-to-school list. Here are a few back to school crystals you should add to that list to help you or your child through the school year!

1) Fluorite

This first stone that pops into my mind whenever I think of school is Fluorite. Fluorite promotes organization and concentration. This stone brings order to chaos and helps you clear your mind. Put a piece of fluorite by your student’s desk to encourage focus and mental clarity, or have them wear a fluorite bracelet to school to help throughout the day. It’s the perfect back to school crystal for students!

2) Carnelian

A lot of kids consider school a chore. It’s not necessarily something they want to do, sot hey don’t put their all into it. To combat that use carnelian! This crystal is a great source of motivation, something all young students need to get through their first day of school and the rest of the term!

3) Sodalite

School is more than just work though. It is also to help young minds socialize and build friendships. Use sodalite to help with this. It promotes effective communication. This crystal also stimulates the intellect and provides for fellowship, solidarity, and a common goal and purpose within a group. It’s a great back to school crystal for group presentations!

Carnelian pebbles
Sodalite Sphere 65mm Light

4) Tiger’s Eye

The first day of school can be intimidating! Tiger’s Eye will give you confidence and optimism – great for the first day of school! It’s also a good stone to ground yourself with when you feel spacey and need to focus.

5) Blue Lace Agate

This crystal is known for soothing anxiety.  It brings a sense of tranquility and alleviates anger and nervous tension. This is perfect to help deal with social anxieties and schoolwork centered stress.

TIger eye Pend
blue lace agate pendant
howlite bracelet
Labradorite Pebble

6) Howlite

This stone is perfect for art class! Howlite helps with creativity and self-expression. Let your inner self shine with this stone! It also helps with subtlety and tact.

7) Labradorite

This is the perfect stone for older students starting college. Labradorite is the stone of transformation and transition. It helps with new beginnings. Use this stone to help acclimate to college life and adjust to adult life.

Back to School Crystals

School is stressful for students of all ages, so give these back to school crystals a try to help eliminate stress, anxiety, and fear and encourage creativity, courage, and communication! Come in store to take a look at these stones or shop online!