8 Healing Crystals Stones That Are Used For Healing Purposes 

healing crystal

Have you ever used healing crystals? Crystal Healing helps to treat people and their energy system by placing the crystals around the body, which help to draw out any negative energy. The crystals also act as a channel for healing which can help positive and healing energy flow into the body. The Amethyst is a crystal which is used to cure hangovers. This particular crystal is said to be good for helping people connect to their spirituality as well as improve psychic ability. Rose Quartz, is healing crystals that commonly used in healing bracelets and also known as the ‘love crystal’ and is used for attracting and keeping love, as well as protecting relationships. This crystal also helps to heal your heart from disappointment and pain. The Iron Pyrite can be used to prevent any negative energy that you may be faced with.

Healing crystal

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